What to Avoid to Lose Weight- Common Foods that Will Do You Harm

Three Foods that Should be Dropped to Lose Weight

We often talk about foods we should eat, but here we will discuss foods to avoid to lose weight.  With most types of foods they are in the gray neighborhood, which means they might be first-rate or satisfactory within reasonable quantities.  When you are able to consume these types of foods in moderation they should be a component of your eating plan.  Foods such as fruit, nuts and olive oil to name some constitutes excellent sources of nourishment, however too much of a good thing tend to be no longer a good thing.

Trick Yourself Into Losing Weight: A Psychiatrist''s Guide to Dieting

Trick Yourself Into Losing Weight: A Psychiatrist”s Guide to Dieting

Then there are some types of foods which have nothing going for them nutritionally, nevertheless we devour them because, well, they taste so darn good.  We keep eating them until our bodies begin to crave them, and soon they are not merely something we have as treats but food we require.  So to avoid these foods, it’s best not to dance with the devil but simply avoid them at every opportunity.

What to Avoid to Lose Weight- Sugar Is at the Top of the List

1.    Sugar.  The problems that refined sugar produces with the system cannot be overemphasized.  During the 1960s and 70s nutritionists had been ringing the caution bells concerning sugar, but in the 1980s fat became the bad guy, and sugar received a pass.  Sugar will be the root of countless evils, and is at this time is cited as a major participant in heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

What makes sugar exceptionally risky is it is an addictive drug.  It really is best to simply say no to anything with additional sugar and limit yourself to natural sugars found in fruit.

2.    Sodium.  High sodium levels will thrust your blood pressure upward and increase your threat for stroke and heart disease.  The issue using sodium is we need a little to get your body to work appropriately.  The kidneys control the amount of sodium within the body, but if we overrun the kidneys, it’ll begin to build up in the blood.  Accordingly just how much is enough?  That can vary with different folks, however to simplify in today’s Western societies just about everyone brings in too much.  In making food taste better it’s added to many prepared and processed foods, and also while being a natural part of numerous types of foods such as dairy and meat.  The point is we don’t have to add any more.

3.    Refined grains.  Processed grains will not include those key nutrients which whole-grains do, and that includes fiber. This will not make them damaging for our system as, for example, sugar.  However, the processing is going to leave behind a grain product that’s rich in simple carbs, consequently these foods high in carbohydrates can have an impact with the system similar to sugar.  This what to avoid to lose weight problem food will be easier to resolve by using whole-wheat pasta instead of ordinary, brown rice instead of white rice, along with whole-grain bread and not white bread.  Also, a few food like quinoa, barley, steel-cut oats and wheat berries which we as a rule may not put into our diet might be worked in.

Some Other Foods in the What to Avoid to Lose Weight Category

This listing is obviously not a far-reaching one, but merely to indicate three types of foods to stay away from.  Trans-fats and several foods that have saturated fats will certainly also go on the list if space permitted, but avoiding these three common problematic types of foods will do wonders for your well-being.  Stay with foods that are natural liver cleansers, and skip those that are going to get your body in trouble.


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