What Is Insulin Resistance and How Does It Affect Weight Gain

What Is Insulin Resistance?

Understanding what is insulin resistance has become a hot topic with the condition reaching epidemic proportions.  It is a major reason for the weight gain epidemic in the United States and around the world.  If you carry excessive fat, especially around the waistline, there is a strong likelihood that you are insulin resistant.

what is insulin resistance

The Cycle for Insulin Resistance

The condition can also show up as people increase in age.  A study recently indicated that of the people in the United States over 60 years old, 44% were insulin resistant.  And unfortunately, the numbers grow every day.

Insulin Resistance: When The Body Cells Shut Out Insulin

So in terms that everyone can understand, just what is insulin resistance?  Simply put, the body cells are not able to deal with insulin the way it should.  Insulin is the carrier that allows glucose to enter the cells, glucose being the food the cells require.  When this process is impaired, the glucose is sent to the liver.  From there is converted to fat, sent back into circulation in the blood stream, and this fat causes weight gain and obesity.

This can have a spiraling effect, as more insulin will be secreted in the bloodstream to right the imbalance.  These causes in additional weight gain, as the number of insulin receptor cells are more reduced.  Along with weight gain, there can be cardiovascular issues, Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and this brings on additional health issues.

What is Insulin Resistance and Its Causes

The medical profession isn’t certain of the causes of insulin resistance, but they have a few clues.  Proper diet and an active lifestyle plays a part, as does genetics.    It is commonly believed that if a person is obese it will lead to a more acute degree of insulin resistance.  So when a person is adding more weight, it becomes even harder to turn their situation around than for slightly overweight person.

A person who has cravings for carbohydrates or irresistible cravings for candy, junk food or any other sweets, the body is sending out neuro-transmitter signals.  They are telling you that your cells are starving, but the doors to providing the proper nutrients are closed.  This situation can trigger intense high carbohydrate food cravings.

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Is there anything a person can do if they have been insulin resistant for years to reverse the trend and get themselves back to stable blood sugar levels?  There has been more evidence that supports that as sugar consumption goes up, insulin resistance goes up, and so does weight.  And it doesn’t have to be eating too much; that person could just be eating the wrong thing.  Coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, the individual will be caught in the cycle.

The key factor in breaking the cycle is to immediately start with a balanced nutritional diet along with regular exercise.  If you are really committed to going down a different path, first consult a physician to be sure you body can handle the changes.  Next you will want to know what are the types of foods that burn fat, and get them into your diet.  You will still need some fat in your diet, so get the Omega-3 fats found in salmon, and be sure to drink  plenty of water.   Low intensity aerobics exercise will give your metabolism a boost, and get you off to a great start toward better health.

The modern diet is not what our bodies were built to consume.  We have spoiled ourselves with an array of delicious, plentiful foods, and we are not genetically equipped to cope with handling them.  Our distant ancestors ate natural foods that were rich in nutrients, lower in carbohydrates, and lived in a world where they had to be physically active.  We have been handed basically the same system but an entirely different lifestyle with inferior foods, and most of us aren’t handling it very well.  But through education we can fight back and get into a lifestyle that will sustain us much better.




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