What Are Processed Foods, and How Do They Affect the Liver

What Are Processed Foods

Knowing what are processed foods and their affect on the the liver and its functions is important for people trying to lose their body fat.  It’s crucial to possess a solid understanding of your liver’s function as it relates to a our weight.  Considering the liver has many functions, there are many ways in which it controls body fat.  Here we are going to dwell on how processed foods can produce liver poisons and have a negative influence on weight gain.

Liver health is by far the most essential single organ in our bodies for fat management.  It metabolizes fats, carbohydrates and proteins, removing them from the system before they have an opportunity to go into fat storage.  Another of the liver’s tasks would be to remove toxins from your body.  Toxins come in several types, from chemical substances in unfiltered drinking water to air contaminants like cigarette smoke.

Chemical Markers for Processed & Stored Foods

Chemical Markers for Processed & Stored Foods

Some of the Contributors to What Are Processed Foods

In this post we are going to focus on consumed toxins in refined foods and some of the additional foods most of us eat on a regular basis.  When liver is working overtime removing toxins from the system, it’ll not have time to accomplish the responsibilities we wish it to perform; that is, to effectively eliminate fat.  Processed foods are comprised of real foods then have been infused together with preservatives and chemicals, and those nasty things are toxins the liver must deal with.  Some of the processed foods which have an impact on fat gain and if not remedied could eventually result in  acute liver failure.  So what are processed foods?

*    Junk foods.  They contain little in the way of real nutrition, however are made from refined foods, chemicals and hydrogenated fats.  Examples are among other things donuts, soda, and many cold cereals.
*    Preservatives.  These additives, employed  to prevent food from spoiling, come in the form of nitrates for preserving meats, sulfur dioxide used on dried fruits and vegetables to prevent rotting, and additives in margarine (see What Is Margarine), fruit juices and carbonated drinks.
*    Coloring.  The American food industry uses thousands of tons of food color each year, and most of these agents are derived from coal tar, almost every one synthetic.  Among the foods that use are coloring are butter, margarine, carbonated drinks, jellies, and maraschino cherries, to name a few.
*    Sweeteners.  Nearly all processed foods include synthetic sugar substitutes such as aspartame and saccharine, which are toxic enough to be required to place a warning label on all products it contains.
*    Flavorings.  You will find over 2000 of those food chemicals in use, and usually consist of a large quantity of chemical substances.
*    Refined flour.  The brown shell of the grain has been removed, leaving the white, refined starch.  These refined starches will be rapidly broken down into sugar and absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This causes glucose levels to rise, giving you increases in body fat.  Some of the products that fall within this category will be white bread, white rice, pasta, and several junk types of foods.  Whole grain products such as quinoa are absorbed much more slowly into the bloodstream than refined starches due to the bran surrounding the starch.

Why We Must Avoid the What Are Processed Foods

These foods are a few that we consume which are processed foods that influence fat increase.  Clearly in our modern-day world it is impracticable to avoid them entirely. Luckily the human body is well built to deal with these toxins in limited quantities, as long as it does not become overloaded.  If with a period of time your liver becomes stressed to the stage it couldn’t effectively do its task, a state known as fatty liver develops, which are deposits of fatty tissue in the liver.  This will cause, among other things, a severe lack with the ability to metabolize fats, resulting in  greater weight gain.

The target is always not allow the liver to degenerate into this condition, and if we’d  severely curtail these processed foods which affect fat gain, we’d  experience dramatic increases to how our liver functions.  It isn’t easy, but by watching what we purchase, or get on one of the excellent delivered meal plans such as Diet-to-go, these toxins are sure to be decreased immensely.


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