Liver Failure Causes, and Why It Is Imperative We Don’t Ignore Them

What Are Liver Failure Causes

Considering the importance of the liver, it is imperative that we understand what liver failure causes are before we have serious issues with our liver. Luckily for us, we have to put the liver through a great amount of stress before liver failure occurs.  The unfortunate thing is it doesn’t give us many warning signs that it is distress, and when it finally does fail the consequences are often quite grave.

liver failure causes

In many cases at the point of complete collapse the only alternative is a liver transplant, and there are many more people in need then there are donors.  To know and understand these causes of liver failure are crucial before they reach the grave stage.

Why We Can’t Take Liver Issues for Granted

We could think of the interior of the liver as a series of city streets in a congested city.  When the passageways in a city become clogged by traffic or construction, traffic is forced to move onto other streets, putting a greater burden on those thoroughfares.  The city can take some of this congestion, but at some point gridlock develops and the city comes to halt.  Likewise with the liver, it can function with some congestion, although not as efficiently, but at some point liver failure occurs.

The Modern Treatment of Diseases of the Liver

The Modern Treatment of Diseases of the Liver

That is where a detoxification diet, consumed on a regular basis, becomes essential.  And if the damage to the liver has progressed too far, a program to detox may be needed.

A Few of the Liver Failure Causes

1.      Alcohol abuse.  This can cause liver cells to be inflamed and in time cause the liver to malfunction.  It is considered the most common cause of liver disease in North America.

2.     Infectious hepatitis.  Hepatitis A and B, with hepatitis B being an infection spread via bodily fluids from drug needles, contaminated blood, or sexual contact.  This can evolve into a very serious condition, but different vaccines can prevent both A and B infections.

3.      Cancers.  These cancers can either originate in the liver or be transported by the blood stream infecting the liver, but obviously are one of the more serious liver failure causes.

4.      Obesity and cholesterol build-up.  Another of the things we can control to assure we maintain a healthy liver.  A healthy diet along with occasionally detoxifying the liver is going to help the liver immensely to stay healthy and efficient.

5.      Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.  Caused by fat molecules that build up in the liver, it is most often the result of obesity.  There are few indicators of this condition, although general exhaustion and tenderness in the upper abdominal region might occur.  As the situation gets into its acute stages, there might be itchy or easily bruising skin, poor recollection or confusion, and weight gain in the abdominal region.

It may end up that a liver transplant is the only and last resort option.  There are some promising drugs that are in test stage that may aid the liver tissues in regenerating, but it is still well in the future.  The best way to take care of your liver remains preventive maintenance with a healthy diet and exercise regimen.



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