Liver Cleansing Diet- These 3 Foods Your Liver Will Love

Include these Foods in a Liver Cleansing Diet

A liver cleansing diet should never be one that starves the body.  If it does, we recommend you stay away from it.  In order for the human body to recoup and properly heal itself, it needs the appropriate nutrients as the building blocks to bring it back in a healthy way.  Finding the proper liver cleansing diet can reverse many of the issues you may be suffering from, like fatigue, abdominal bloating, obesity, an overburdened immune system, allergies and gall bladder issues to name a few.  But it can only be done with proper nutrition.

Liver cleaning foods

Lentil Soup

Foods Important to the this Cleansing Diet

To maintain liver health, there are several foods that should be part of your diet.  Foods rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins, minerals will help keep the liver clear of unwanted waste that slow its efficiency.  Some of the other foods that fit in this category are olives, nuts and legumes, green vegetables, and tomatoes.  There are three additional foods that perhaps have gone less publicized and may not be commonly thought of as food that cleanse your liver, but are especially beneficial to the liver.

Liver Health: A Natural Approach

Liver Health: A Natural Approach

  1. Garlic.  A staple in a Mediterannean diet has been used for culinary and medicinal purposes for centuries.  China presently accounts for around 77% of the world’s production, although it is grown around the world.  Its ability to break down fatty deposits in the body due to its phytochemicals probably constitutes its greatest health benefit, but it also has antiviral and antibacterial properties.  This will help the liver by protecting it from viruses, bacteria and fungi.  If you’re worried about producing halitosis, try using a combination of plain water, basil and mushrooms to control the odor.
  2. Onions.There are many varieties, but to get the most nutrition from this family of wonderful foods try using as many as you can.  Since they are related to garlic, they will give us many of the same antiviral and antibacterial benefits.  For antioxidant activity, shallots will top the list, followed by Western Yellow, New York Bold and Northern Red.
  3. Turmeric.  This great spice from the ginger family grows predominantly in the hot, wet tropical areas of Southeast Asia.  After it has been boiled and dried, it’s ground into an orange-yellow powder.  Mostly used in curries and other dishes, because of its health qualities we should use it every chance we get.Its beta carotene protects the liver from free radical damage, and it can also assist in metabolizing fats.  Its wonderful health properties have been known it this part of the world for centuries, and western diets are now starting to elsewhere.  One other area doctors are advising its use for are bile obstruction and gallstones.

A good liver cleansing diet done on a day-to-day basis is important for the health maintenance of the liver.  Occasionally a liver detoxification might be necessary for a more radical boost t clean the liver, but be sure to proceed with caution, as they will stress the system.


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