Heart Disease

A Main Result of Hypertension Is Heart Disease

Heart disease caused by high blood pressure, or hypertensive heart disease, are an array of problems related to the heart causes by blood pressure that is too high.  Some of these issues are heart attack, coronary artery disease and atherosclerosis, or cholesterol deposits in the blood vessels.  With hypertensive problems leading to heart disease and with it being the leading cause of illness and death from high blood pressure, it is in everyone’s best interests to learn as much as they can about the disease, and take active measures to combat it.

heart disease

Factors that Lead to Heart Problems from High Blood Pressure

When a person’s blood pressure increases, especially on a long-term basis, the pressure within the blood vessels will rise.  The greater pressure causes the heart as it attempts to pump blood through these vessels to have to work harder.  If this situation isn’t corrected, the heart muscles will start to thicken, which can lead to congestive heart failure.  This is a condition when the heart will no longer pump blood through the body.

Another issue that is attributable to hypertension is the thickening of the blood vessel walls.  The increased blood pressure creates more pressure on the walls of the arteries, and this greater pressure can cause small tears in the walls of the arteries.  As these microscopic tears form scar tissue, more plaque is trapped in these small crevices, leading to a narrowing and hardening of the arteries.  All this of course is going to add to the burden the heart is already under, and this will ultimately shorten the life of the heart.

Hidden Causes of Heart Attack and StrokeWhat Causes a Heart Attack in People with High Blood Pressure?

A heart attack is really the result of these blocked or damaged arteries leading to the heart not allowing the supply of blood to the tissues in the heart muscle.  With this lack of blood supply into the heart, the heart muscle will be deprived of oxygen.  When any of our cells are lacking in oxygen over a short period of time, they begin to die.  The longer the artery stays blocked, the longer the cells in the heart remain deprived of oxygen, and even if relief is given and the heart attack patient is allowed to recover, there will still be cellular damage to the heart.

The importance of maintaining a healthy blood pressure can’t be overemphasized.  Not only is it a contributing factor to heart disease, but also stroke, liver and kidney issues as well as vision problems.  It is not difficult to diagnose and the treatment of the disease is not complex, but it is known as the silent killer.  As with liver damage, we often don’t realize there is a problem until the symptoms start to overwhelm us, and there is absolutely no reason to wait until that happens.  Diet and exercise on a regular basis are the keys to keeping hypertension in check, and it is within everyone’s capabilities to do so.




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