Hypertension Issues

Hypertension Issues, and Why We Must Control Them

Hypertension issues are a growing cause of concern all around the world, and since these issues have now been with us in North America and Europe for so long now, we can hardly even identify them as new causes for alarm.  There is little unknown about the causes of high blood pressure, and there is little doubt as to the medical risks it involves.  And surprisingly, with what we know about the disease and are tools to control it, it should not cause the problems it does.

hypertension issues

Here Are Some of the Major Hypertension Issues

The two major reasons why everyone should be concerned with high blood pressure are heart problems and stroke, two of the largest causes of death in the United States.  Other problems that high blood pressure can cause are liver and kidney issues, problems with loss of vision, erectile dysfunction, hardening of the arteries, to name a few.

Although the causes of high blood pressure are quite well-known facts, the part that obesity plays in this malady are becoming even more important with further tests.  Obese subjects are prone to hypertension, but people with high blood pressure also appear to be more prone to gaining weight.  With these two issues present in a person, the combination of hypertension and obesity, when combined with metabolic abnormalities all interact to have a synergistic effect on cardiovascular disease and chronic kidney disease.

With Chronic Hypertension, How does it Shake Out Statistically for a Person?

Hypertension Issues

  1. Stroke.  The fourth leading cause of death in the United States, hypertension is a factor in 77% of all Strokes.
  2. Heart failure.  The leading cause of death in the U.S., high blood pressure is said to be a factor in 74% of all Heart Failure.
  3. Liver and kidney issues.  The second leading cause of chronic kidney failure in the U.S., it is a factor in about one-fourth of all cases.
  4. Blood Circulation.  It has well known effects on blood circulation issues, which are lead to higher risk of mental deterioration and Alzheimer’s disease.

From a more mercenary standpoint, high blood pressure causes more doctors visits than any other condition.  This of course drives health care costs up, and considering that there are quantifiable measures that can check for the condition, plus clear remedies, it may be the one most controllable area we have to bring our spiraling health care costs in line.  But it is an area that requires each individual taking a personal responsibility to keep this killer under control.

If we wanted to really attack health care costs, a comprehensive educational process starting with every physician conveying the message that hypertension is the first measurable sign that many organs of the body are under attack.  Hopefully this will send the message to people to think more carefully about the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle, and prod them to give preventative measures a chance.



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