How to Improve Blood Circulation- These Foods Will Help You

How to Improve Blood Circulation

Learning more about how to improve blood circulation is a major factor in better health.  Our flow of blood is the transportation system that our entire system counts on to remain an efficiently running operation.  When our blood circulation is diminished even a little, we will feel it with cold hands and feet, and possibly feeling dizzy or lightheaded.

How to Improve Blood Circulation

Stretching is Another Way to Improve Blood Circulation

These are all results of inadequate blood circulation, and also not being able to provide nutrition to the extremities in adequate amounts.  If left untreated it will cause us to be more at risk to stroke and cardiovascular disease, and these are issues you want to avoid at all costs.  On our site, we will point out specific foods that will assist with your blood flow issues plus a lot more for maintaining good health.

We can identify certain foods that are known to cause blood circulation problems, and the number one thing we have all been told to stay away from is salt.  Others problem-causers are general overeating, sugar and the “bad” fats.  These would certainly include Trans fats, which are literally poison in the system and will cause clogging of the arteries faster than anything that passes as food.  These are things to stay away from; next are things you should consume.

Various Foods and How to Improve Blood Circulation

To improve your blood circulation, these are foods to be certain are in your diet:

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1.   Vitamin C foods.  Citrus is abundant in C, and oranges and other foods in this family will halt buildup of plaque, as well as strengthen artery walls.

2.   Flavonoids.This vitamin was discovered in 1938, and is known to enhance the power of Vitamin C.  Dark Chocolate is a great source, but remember to only use it in small doses and the varieties with lower sugar content.   Blueberries and grapes are other foods rich in flavonoids.
3.    Niacin.  Whenever you think of niacin, consider healthy nuts. They are a great source of this vitamin, and eat a variety of them for best results.
4.    Garlic.  The main biological active component in garlic is allicin, and it is a wonderful infection-fighter.  It is known to clear clogged arteries when eaten raw, but should be done moderately on an every-day basis.
5.    Omega-3 fatty acidsSalmon and other oily fish are loaded with  omega-3s and are one of the main sources. Other options are flax seed oil, soybeans, pumpkin seeds and walnuts.  Wild salmon is thought to be a better choice over farmed salmon because of  less contaminants.
6.    Vitamin E.  Outstanding sources of this vitamin are pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, spinach and asparagus.
7.    Lycopene.  Stopping plaque buildup in the arteries is what lycopene is noted for, and one of the best sources of this powerful antioxidant and  carotenoid is watermelon.  Making sure the arteries are free of any impediments is going to permit a healthy flow of blood.

How to Improve Blood Flow

Massage Can Help Blood Circulation

Some Other Answers to How to Improve Blood Circulation

Other foods that will enhance your blood flow are avocados, ginger and cayenne pepper.  Water of course helps just about any deficiency in the body, as is physical exercise.  By increasing your heart rate it will push the blood and open up the arteries.

Another thought for enhancing blood circulation is massage therapy.  It has been shown that both blood pressure and heart rate can be reduced, albeit only temporarily.  The pressure exerted on muscles tends to force the blood through congested areas, and the fresh blood that rushes in has a cleansing effect. Also, this flushing process forces out lactic acid from your muscles, facilitating blood flow.


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