Gall Bladder Problem- Here Is How to Protect Yourself

What Are the Symptoms of Gall Bladder Problem

Gallstones are usually the result of a gall bladder problem, and with over a half million people in the United States needing gall bladder surgery annually, it is an issue that strikes home to many people.  After surgery, about 60% of all people will have a clean bill of health.  That speaks well to the recovery rate when removing a body organ, but the 40% who still have issues leaves quite a few.

The fact remains that any surgery should be a last resort, because it is hard to predict the consequences.  Some people experience extreme weight gain after the surgery.  And although the liver can take up the slack for the gall bladder in the storage of bile, it only gives the liver one more thing to do, and it is already over-worked.

gall bladder problem

The Sizes of Various Gallstones

This may lead to the some of what causes of liver failure for many people.  Unfortunately getting rid of a problematic gall bladder may be the only option if it is producing gall stones to the point of being a detriment to a person’s overall health.  So if we can keep a healthy gall bladder through diet and head off these issues, it will definitely serve us best.

What Foods Make Up a Gall Bladder Diet

Doing preventive maintenance on our gall bladder before they become issues is obviously the best way to go. So what are the markers that make us more susceptible?  Excessive body weight is definitely one, as is the high intake of cholesterol and fat, and a low-fiber diet.  These will be some of the foods that will make up the gall bladder diet:

  1. Whole grains.  This could be whole-wheat bread, brown rice and brown bread to name a few.
  2. Fresh fruits and vegetables.  The more colors you eat, the better.
  3. Nuts.  Healthy nuts such as almonds and walnuts are great, but look at all varieties.
  4. Lean meat, fish (especially salmon), and chicken and turkey.
  5. Dairy products that are low-fat.

On the other hand, here are some of the foods you should limit or completely avoid:

  1. Processed foods.  These would include doughnuts and white bread.
  2. Fatty red meat.  Always opt for the leaner cuts.
  3. Dairy products.  Make sure any uses of dairy products are low-fat kinds.
  4. Fried Foods.  The ways foods are prepared make a big difference.

A Gall Bladder Problem May be Exasperated with Sudden Weight Loss

Diseases Of The Gall-bladder And Bile Ducts, Including Gall-stones

Diseases Of The Gall-bladder And Bile Ducts, Including Gall-stones

Gall bladder problems in the form of gallstones can be brought on by sudden changes in the diet for quick weight loss.  When there is no fat in the diet, the gall bladder will become inactive, as its job is to secrete bile for the digestion of fat.  The lack of activity could cause gall stones to form.  When a meal is consumed that is high in dietary fat, the gall bladder goes back to work with the increased likelihood of a gallbladder attack.

This can be somewhat alleviated by gradually reducing weight on a basis of one or two pounds a week and keep some fat in the diet.  This is one more reason not to get into diet fads.  Regular exercise will also assist bile moving through the gall bladder.

The problems we experience with a gall bladder problem probably stems from our western society diet, which is traditionally high in saturated fats and refined carbohydrates.  You will not be able to get rid of gall stones you already have, but you can control to a great degree any future gall bladder issues by balancing your diet with a variety of nutrients.  Your liver health and overall health will be dramatically improved by adopting this diet.



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