Fatty Liver Symptoms- Why Early Diagnosis Is Vital

How to Diagnose Symptoms of Fatty Liver

It is vital that we all learn to listen to our body for the indicators of fatty liver symptoms and other issues with the liver.  Some of these are serious weight loss, upper abdominal pain and fatigue, but they can throw us because these are symptoms of other issues as well.  Because the liver rarely sends out signals of distress until the problems are well along, any early indications of trouble should be heeded.  Consult a physician if these fatty liver symptoms persist.

fatty liver symptomsSo why do we get plagued by these issues as we age?  When we’re young, we normally have a strong liver, clear of obstructions and functioning optimally. But even if we maintain a good diet,  as we age fat molecules called triglycerides build up within our liver cells. Almost everyone has it, and as long as it doesn’t take over the liver we will be totally unaware of it.  But because of multiple causes listed below, fatty liver symptoms become an issue as this fat buildup becomes more acute.

Some of the Causes of this Condition

  1. Too much alcohol.  The liver will be able to handle alcohol, as long as it isn’t in large amounts over a long period of time.  Drink only in moderation.
  2. Overweight.  The most common cause of fatty liver symptom, and is often associated with high cholesterol and diabetes.
  3. Rapid loss of weight.  There have been cases where people who have had gastric bypass surgery that have later had symptoms of fatty liver.
  4. Overdoing certain medications.  Ortho-est, amiodarone and tamoxifen are three medications that have a history of triggering fatty liver disease when the doses were excessive.
Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Alters The Three Stages Of Hepatic Drug Management.

Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Alters The Three Stages Of Hepatic Drug Management.

Even though you may be good at listening to any distress signals your body sends you, it is still difficult because of the lack of clear-cut indicators.  Even most tests will not yield positive diagnosis if still in the early stages.  There is a blood test when done in conjunction with a thorough background of a patience history can come pretty close to giving us accurate results.

A scan or ultrasound will pick up liver fat.  A biopsy of the liver will do the same, and these are the real positive ways of diagnosing fatty liver.  This procedure is done by taking a minute sample of the liver using a fine hollow needle that is inserted into the liver.

How to Minimize the Development of Fatty Liver?

When the cause is excessive alcohol consumption, the liver will probably recover in time if the person stops drinking.  For nonalcoholic fatty liver disease there is nothing as specific, other than lifestyle changes.  These involve mostly eating healthy, in particular maintaining a healthy weight, eliminating harmful foods, especially saturated fat, and maintain a proper workout and diet.

On this topic we have an article called unsaturated fats vs. saturated fats that will give you some thoughts on fats you should be consuming in your diet.  Even though fat is similar in caloric content, there is a world of difference in how it will affect your health.

We are learning more about this subject almost daily, but the mainstream medical community keeps their emphasis on treatment rather than proactive prevention.  It is a problem if addressed early can be controlled with minor lifestyle adjustments, but because the symptoms are usually silent they go undetected.  If enough information is made available as to how serious the problem can be, hopefully more people will make the necessary changes that will change their lives.


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