Diseases of the Gall Bladder- More Common Among Women

Some of the Common Diseases of the Gall Bladder

Although many people each year have their gall bladder removed, as there are many diseases of the gall bladder that people become afflicted with, it is something that you would rather not do.  Gall bladder issues are quite common, and we should be aware of the various causes and symptoms of these gall bladder diseases.  This is so you will be able to tell right away if you have gall bladder issues.

diseases of the gall bladder

Gall Bladder Attacks Can Be Painful, Particularly Following a Meal

One of the main functions of the gall bladder is the storage of bile, which is produced in the liver.  Bile is released to assist in the digestion of fats.  The gall bladder may become infected if the normal flow of bile is blocked, and gallstones are one of the main causes.

Diseases of the Gall Bladder Are More Common with Women

Although both men and women can be affected with gall bladder disease, women are at a much greater risk.  Some of the symptoms to be on the lookout for are severe and steady pain in the upper abdominal region and it can last for several hours.  Other symptoms are pain under the right shoulder, colic, belching, indigestion, and nausea and vomiting.

Jaundice Is One of the Most Common of the Diseases of the Gall Bladder

Jaundice is considered one of the most common of all gall bladder diseases. The condition can occur when gall stones are present, and the earliest symptoms of the condition include the same as those associated with acute cholescystitis, which will be discussed momentarily. Jaundice is caused when there’s an obstruction to the flow of bile from the liver.

Remedies that Can Help Diseases of the Gall Bladder

Diseases Of The Gall-bladder And Bile-ducts

Diseases Of The Gall-bladder And Bile-ducts

Next we will talk about several other different gall bladder issues that one can suffer with.  Acute cholecystitis is an infection or inflammation of the gall bladder, and it can cause pain as well as fever. When you has these symptoms you should see your doctor as soon as possible.

Finally there is chronic cholecystitis.  The symptoms of this are sporadic pain in the middle of the upper abdomen, and may be accompanied by vomiting and nausea. A variety of factors can cause these attacks, including chocolate and pastries.

There are home remedies, like placing a hot compress on the area of discomfort to relieve the pain, and over-the-counter painkillers can also help.  But it is always safe to see a doctor when these symptoms persist, as gall bladder issues if not treated properly or at all can be critical.

There are certain vitamins that have been known to help as well.  Vitamins A and C are a couple, and other healing agents such as garlic and extracts Ginkgo leaves have been used pharmaceutically for gall bladder ailments as well as other issues.  Vitamin C is the protective nutrient of nature, and is an essential for protecting the body against infection and pollutants, therefore enhancing the immune system of the body.  Garlic, among other things, has been used to reduce blood pressure.





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