Dealing with a Fatty Liver- This Organ Is too Valuable to Neglect

Never Neglect Dealing with a Fatty Liver

In our bodies, there are several organs working in sync but it is dealing with a fatty liver that is often taken for granted. The thing about the liver is that it is the organ that most people neglect, but even the smallest problem that affects it can be terminal eventually if not addressed. What you should know about fatty liver is that this can cause multiple liver diseases and eventually loss of liver function.  You can find the liver below the right part of the ribs, and it is the organ that takes care of all major nutrient processing functions plus toxin removal. Our survival depends on these actions.

Although we are well aware of the process of digestion, our awareness usually stops at the intestines and they do not realize that the blood brings the nutrients from the digested foods to the liver. Even if the liver is responsible for chemically altering nutrients into an energy source that the body can use, this is a process ignored by most individuals. The liver is credited for nutrient processing in the human body but as soon as hepatitis starts due to fatty liver symptoms, this action can no longer be fulfilled by the organ.

The Liver Can’t Do It’s Job without Dealing with a Fatty Liver

The liver also removes harmful toxins from the blood since all the blood in a human body eventually passes through the liver. Hormones that are no longer fresh, old drugs and the like are examples of harmful elements that the liver rids the blood of. What you have here is a function that only a healthy liver can complete.  The liver also produces a thick, yellowish fluid called the bile. This is a liquid that assists with the digestive process. The fats from the foods we consume cannot be broken down without bile.

Acute & Chronic Liver Diseases:Molecular Biology & Clinics: Proceedings of the 87th Falk Symposium (X International Congress of Liver Diseases 1995),

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Finally, the liver is responsible in building proteins, which is clearly one of the most necessary chemicals to people, animals and plants. Aside from proteins which carry essential vitamins to the parts of our bodies, there are other protein types like fibronectin that are also created courtesy of the liver.

With all of the functions that the liver is responsible for, why is it that we humans continue to ignore it and why can’t we take care of this organ properly? A number of different activities and choices that Americans live with on a daily basis have a negative effect on the health of their liver. Alcohol is one of the many things that people love to drink but this is not healthy for the liver.

Dealing with a Fatty Liver Means Not Drinking too Much Alcohol

The thing about a fatty liver is that it is existent in 90-100 percent of Americans who drink too much alcohol.  It normally starts out with bloating, nausea, and feelings of fatigue and such but it can grow into something more serious at it exposes the person to experience total liver failure. Some people on the heavier side are also prone to developing a fatty liver.

The good news is that this disease is reversible. Fatty liver treatment from the causes of fatty liver is not at all complicated. Not drinking a lot of alcohol is one of the things that you can do to achieve a healthy liver.

The best form of fatty liver treatment is a change in lifestyle. Alcohol is something that you should control but the intake of sugars and the like also has to be addressed. Aside from getting adequate exercise and eating good food, it is easy to avoid having a fatty liver if you avoid fried and processed foods not to mention options that are simply nothing but junk.


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