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Angiosarcoma and the Liver- Learn about the Rare Form of Cancer

Angiosarcoma and the Liver- A Rare Liver Cancer

A rare form of cancer is Angiosarcoma and the liver. While it is not that prevalent, it is the 3rd most common primary malignant liver tumor. The liver is the largest organ of the body. It provides import functions to the blood and waste systems of the body. An angiosarcoma is a cancer that starts from the endothelial cells that line the walls of the blood vessels. Endothelial cells, otherwise called endothelium, lines all the blood vessels. Usually the portal vein or central and sublobular veins are involved.

Liver Pro 90 Capsules by PrimaForce

Liver Pro 90 Capsules by PrimaForce

The tumor begins as a growth of rapidly proliferating immature cells, but can quickly become cancerous and spread to many other systems. Since one of the jobs of liver health is to detoxify the blood, it picks up dangerous toxins. These toxins act on the cells at the gene level.

While the damage may take many years to produce symptoms, it often has spread these defective cells to other parts of the liver or through the blood system to other parts of the body. In many of the cases, the tumor is multicentric with both lobes of the liver involved.

Symptoms of Angiosarcoma and the Liver

Symptoms of Angiosarcoma of the liver are often not specific enough and may be difficult to differentiate from symptoms of other diseases. Some of the patients may exhibit these symptoms of liver disease:

  • Enlarged liver
  • Abdominal pain
  • Reduced appetite
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Jaundice

Other indicators of liver cancer can include signs of bleeding in the peritoneal cavity and an enlarged spleen is present in some cases of Angiosarcoma of the liver.  Angiosarcoma of the liver is caused by toxic exposure to thorium dioxide (Thorotrast), vinyl chloride and arsenic. Even though these toxins that are environmental have occurred 30 years ago, a person can develop these tumors that are cancerous.

Diagnosing Angiosarcoma of the liver can be tough to do. The history of exposure to environmental toxins is important for diagnosis. The fact that exposure may have occurred many years ago should not rule out the importance of this information. For diagnosis, problems occur because of the short time the symptoms develop and the rapid increase of the disease. An Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP) measurement and imaging techniques such as CT, ultrasonography or MRI may be useful in the diagnosis.

The prognosis for people with Angiosarcoma of the liver is not good. Once there is an indicator of the disease the cancer has begun to develop rapidly. Treatment options depend on the extent of the disease at the time of diagnosis. Surgical resection is an option only if the tumor is small and limited to one lobe. The tumor also needs to have a large enough margin around it. To decrease the size of a tumor, chemotherapy is given and it also provides better function of the liver. This may increase survival rate by several months. Angiosarcoma needs to be diagnosed as early as possible.



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Hypothyroid Problems and Its Treatment with Kelp

Hypothyroid Problems and Poor Thyroid Gland Performance

Hypothyroid problems can be caused by several factors, including iodine deficiency.  This may result in chronic fatigue, decreased tolerance to cold and decreased appetite.   Kelp is a natural substance that has been found to be helpful in treating these thyroid gland problems.  You should consult your physician before using kelp for hypothyroid problems.

Though it is commonly called seaweed, the official name for this algae is kelp. Kelp may be found in kelp forests, in shallow, clear parts of the ocean. The water needs to be below 68 degrees F. It multiples and spreads easily, growing 20 inches or more in a single day, and at times reaching over 200 feet long!

A Little More about Kelp

Most kelp it made up of a body or thallus that are actually leaf-like structure called blades. Blades come from stipes which are long stem-like structures. The holdfast is a type of root that anchors the plant to the ocean floor. The American variety contains gas-filled bladders at the base of the blades that keep the leaves close to the surface.

Normally kelp benefits are acquired as a dried plant, as a powder, or in a capsule. Some use it as a substitute for salt, or as a flavoring for their drink. Others add kelp to their beans, stir fries, stews, soups, or other types of grains.

Kelp contains over 70 enzymes, proteins, vitamins, minerals, growth hormones, and trace elements. These include calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and especially iodine. Wikipedia reports that 100 grams of kelp contains .6 grams of sugars, .6 grams of fat, 1.3 grams of fiber, 1.7 grams off protein, 9.6 grams of carbohydrates, and anywhere from 3% to 45% of the daily minimum requirements for 13 other minerals and vitamins.

Kelp Has Many Other Benefits Besides Addressing Hypothyroid Problems

Kelp nutrition is not only plentiful but it is also healthy. Kelp suppresses AIDS, helps to fight heart disease, and boosts the immune system. It increases body energy, helps to fight cancer, improves the function of the liver for a liver health, and reduces arthritic pain. Kelp helps control body weight because it will speed metabolism. Those suffering from problems do to an inactive thyroid should eat kelp because of the iodine. Kelp also deals with problems of bowel gas, constipation, and poor digestion.

Thyroid Balance

Thyroid Balance

Kelp helps to lower cholesterol levels and to maintain mucous membranes. It kills the herpes virus and is even used to reduce hair loss. Kelp ash can be used in soap and glass production. Alginate, a carbohydrate coming from kelp, is used as a thickener for such things as ice cream, jelly, salad dressing, and toothpaste, and is used as an ingredient in exotic dog food.

Vraic is a fertilizer made from kelp. In the far east, some types of kelp are considered delicacies.  A daily intake of kelp in capsule or sprinkled on food as powder will help regular the body’s systems and provide needed vitamins and minerals. You will be benefited from making kelp a regular part of your diet.

It’s clear to see that kelp has many benefits besides helping with hypothyroid problems. Just be careful where you buy your kelp so as to make sure you will receive all the nutrition it has to offer.



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Benign Liver Tumor- The Liver Hemangioma Pain

The Benign Liver Tumor, or Liver Hemangioma

There is a benign liver tumor, which is non-cancerous, that affects about 7% of all healthy individuals called liver hemangioma.  It poses no serious health risk or chance of death unless it becomes huge.  It is thought that women are six times for this liver tumor as men.

Normally they are only found in the course of investigating another issue, as they are usually quite small and give no signs or symptoms.  They may get to ten cm in diameter, but typically are one-half cm.  Medical imaging such as ultrasound or computerized tomography (CT) are normal ways they are found.

The Largest of the Benign Liver Tumor Have Indicators

However, when they do get large enough to place stress on other organs they can begin to cause problems.  Two of the indicators may be nausea or the feeling of fullness, even after little intake of food.  If they become very large there is a danger that they burst, and this is a major issue.  Punctured hematomas will cause internal bleeding, extreme pain and even a danger of fatality.

benign liver tumor

How Benign Liver Tumors Show Up in the Liver

The medical profession as of yet hasn’t arrived at a consensus why these liver hemangiomas develop.  Most doctors now believe they are probably genetically linked.  These tumors aren’t connected with any liver conditions like cirrhosis, liver hemangioma, or any of the indicators of liver cancer.

The Greatest Risk for Benign Liver Tumor Are Middle-aged Women

It is thought that the hormone estrogen may have something to do with the development of these tumors, as there seems to be a greater number of cases with women who take substitute drugs to treat menopause.  Females between the ages of 30 and 50 seem also to have the greatest risk; therefore the evidence that estrogen probably plays a part.  This, however, hasn’t been scientifically proven.  Estrogen, of course, is found in greater concentrations in women as compared to men, although it is present in males.

Clinical Dilemmas in Primary Liver Cancer

Clinical Dilemmas in Primary Liver Cancer

As for threats to the health of women, as stated before as long as there are no immediate issues nothing usually will be done.  But when it could cause a threat to giving birth, surgery may be required, but obviously that isn’t the preferred alternative during a pregnancy.  Much of the decision will be determined by the individual case.

These may be: can the hemangioma be easily separated from the liver?  How critical is the situation, or can it be postponed or treated by other procedures?  There is a procedure where blood flow is stopped by tying off or injecting medication into an artery feeding the area.  Without this blood supply, the mass may cease to grow or shrink.

Like different possible threats like herpes simplex or restricted blood circulation, it’s something the doctor will  keep close track of, but shouldn’t be a reason why a woman must avoid having kids.  Similarly, the possibility of the condition developing should not stop a woman from using birth-control pills or hormone replacement therapy for menopause.  Similar to pregnancy, it is most important to be mindful of the benign liver tumor issue.


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Tests for Liver Damage- Alanine Aminotransferase Units

Blood Tests for Liver Damage

There are two principal lab tests for liver damage.  The one we would like to discuss here is named alanine aminotransferase, or ALT. Getting a blood test performed can be somewhat terrifying, particularly since you are not entirely sure what is being examined, or what a desirable or bad result seems like or means.

Should you be experiencing bodily discomforts such as stomach ache, lack of interest for food, jaundice, or tiredness, you may have to go through a series of medical examinations.  They could be a blood test named Alanine Aminotransferase or ALT, to be executed by your doctor to diagnose your problem.

The Need for Tests for Liver Damage Is Increasing

As brought about by the raising rate of weight problems, fatty liver disease is quickly becoming a very rampant predicament. A raise in the levels of triglycerides inside the liver cells signifies the start of the problem; yet sad to say, there is hardly any way to identify the problem until the symptoms become evident and even if they do.

The diagnosis of the problem might take some time as many other illnesses carry the same signs and symptoms. Because of this, it is not uncommon for the disease to have progressed to the stage where liver damage has already been done before exams can be performed.

Liver Damage - A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet Referenc

Liver Damage – A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet Referenc

One of the most frequent exams employed in the diagnosis of Nonalcoholic fatty liver illness is a blood test looking for a heightened level of alanine aminotransferase, or ALT. ALT ranges in the blood are normally between zero and forty five units per liter.

If the examination is done and ranges are higher than that, it can suggest different things: levels that get up to ten times the normal degree are an indication of acute hepatitis, while degrees in between can signify anything from substance use to the start of liver damage as a result of cirrhosis.

In many instances, the damage can be initially attested by elevated ALT markers. The best part is that, although nothing can be done to fix the damage, a positive analysis can be a potent enough caution to get you to make healthier decisions about a diet plan (Read more on our website ALT levels will drop down with these adjustments.

Tests for Liver Damage Can be Quite Involved

Because the alanine aminotransferase is an enzyme that is largely located and operating inside the liver, the ALT levels in the blood are often low. When you experience symptoms of fatty liver disease and your doctor orders a blood examination for alanine aminotransferase degrees, he is trying to see whether or not this enzyme has leaked into the blood.

Even though ALT can be present in the blood when you have a muscle injury, it is the most positive way to diagnose a damage inside liver. Sustained injuries and receiving specific sorts of injections may trigger the result to be greater.  Therefore it’s important to tell your physician in case you are experiencing injuries or happen to be getting injections for whatever purpose before having the test.

It is important to keep in mind that simply because your ALT levels are high when you are doing tests for liver damage, it could not be an indication of liver damage, and that even if there is damage, many different illnesses can be reversed by simply implementing a wholesome lifestyle or diet plan. Alanine aminotransferase can just be an indication of swelling or slight damage as opposed to an actual functional trouble.

In addition, medical prescriptions including antibiotics, acetaminophen as well as other NSAIDs, and many medications for cholesterol also help in raising the ALT levels in the blood. Be sure your doctor has a full record of all medicines you are currently taking when you are doing tests for liver damage; you can also find many other liver function assessments available to help narrow down your results and get you on the correct course of treatment.


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Do Multivitamins Work- Know All the Facts

Some Reasons You Should Consider Multivitamins

Do multivitamins work, and should everyone be taking them?  Prior to answering that, we must inquire the reasons we should have vitamins, and what would occur if we were deficient in one of them?  Vitamins are substances that our body needs for normal body function, but just in slight quantities.  The challenge is that we need them, but our bodies can’t manufacture almost all of them.  We must get them from our balanced diet, and without them we could go through various vitamin deficiency abnormalities like immune system issues, lack of protein production and proper food digestion, just to name a few.

Do Multivitamins Work

Your body needs thirteen of these essential vitamins to operate properly.  These are E, D,K,A, B3 (niacin), B1 (Thiamine), B12, Folic Acid, Biotin, Pantothenic, Vitamin C, and B2 (riboflavin).  Of these, just Vitamin D can be produced by your body, the remainder are provided through foods or supplements.  When we’re incapable to get the necessary vitamins in our food, multivitamins have to step in as replacements.

People With Special Circumstances Must Be Especially Cognizant of Vitamins

Since you don’t want to be short of these essential vitamins for long, we’ll want to be sure our bodies never get deficient.  Personal circumstances sometimes dictate that greater amounts will be required, for example with expecting women, particularly through their first trimester.  This obviously goes double since the expecting mother has to provide for the baby she is carrying.  If you are looking to age healthy, chances are you’ll contemplate multivitamins.  Additional circumstances like smoking, alcoholism and overexposure to pollution in extreme amounts must be counteracted through supplementing multivitamins.

Another group of people that may be wanting multivitamins are those who are under continuous stress.  Overstressed individuals frequently don’t have the diet necessary to include many of the vitamins they should have.  Some people testify to having a calming influence aided by the use of multivitamins.  Whether it is simply psychosomatic or not might be hard to tell.  These supplements provided they are filling a necessity the body is missing will work to neutralize harmful radical free agents, maintain healthy skin in addition to helping with blood passage, heart performance and in numerous other areas.

That said, multivitamins are not the panacea for ideal health; there are many other elements which go into that equation.  In addition they can only help out if there was a deficiency in the first place.  If you are an individual that eats a well-rounded diet and are certain you will be covering your nutritional bases, they undoubtedly will not provide any help.

It is Possible to Take Too Many Vitamins

That leads us to our final topic: could there be any harm caused by taking too many vitamins?  In some cases, you indeed can.  Excessive vitamin C may lead to nausea and stomach cramps.  With regards to vitamins and minerals, more isn’t inevitably better.  In the event you are getting your vitamins only in the food you eat, it will be pretty difficult to overdose on vitamin consumption.  In case you are taking a basic multivitamin and stay on the subscribed dosage, you haven’t any concern of taking too much.  Most multivitamins have such a wide safety margin that you’ll be okay even when you take them with foods that are fortified.

So what form of multivitamin should you take, capsule or liquid form.  Liquid will be much more efficient, as it will be as much as five times more easily absorbed as opposed to tablets or capsules.


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Lowering Cholesterol with Diet- 7 Ways to Do It

7 Habits to Drop Your Cholesterol

There are a few causes for high cholesterol in the bloodstream.  Having diabetes or hypertension can be a cause, and there is no known cure but may be controlled to some degree.  A few, like smoking may be reversed only by quitting the habit.    Cholesterol that is too high in some may be an inherited circumstance, which obviously is impossible to determine.  We will talk about diet adjustments you can take to control cholesterol, and ways for lowering cholesterol with diet that you can deal with cholesterol that perhaps you haven’t considered.

1.    Fiber.  Research has shown that if you should increase your soluble fiber by just five to ten grams each day may reduce LDL cholesterol by 5%.  Foods rich in fiber such as including oatmeal for breakfast, beans with your salad for lunch and broccoli for dinner are all wonderful options of fiber.  For snacks, good options are pears and oranges.

2.    Eliminate foods that are “double-whammy”.  Dietary cholesterol can increase the cholesterol, but saturated fat is still worse.  These so-labeled “double-whammy” foods that usually contain both are red meat, butter as well as fat-laden dairy.  By cutting down or eliminating any of these gives you a double hit for lowering your cholesterol.

3.     Watch out for Tran’s fats.  Since 2006, by law producers have been required with in the United States to record Tran’s fat on their dietary facts label.  However, they do not have to catalog it if it’s less than .5 grams for every serving.  Since you want nothing to do with even small amounts of these chemicals, look for hydrogenated or partly hydrogenated vegetable oils on the labels, even if Tans fats are not listed.

4.    Consume more fish.  Substitute fatty fish such as tuna or salmon for beef.  They’re full of omega-3 fat, which are polyunsaturated fat and much better for the cholesterol as opposed to saturated fats in red meat.  Read about salmon nutrition here.

5.    Eat eggs, but be aware the way you prepare them.  This goes for pretty much all food, as the saturated fat to fry them may be what boosts our cholesterol.  But eggs themselves are no longer on the cholesterol blacklist, as long as you don’t overdo the amount you eat.

6.    Choose the right oils.  If you follow the rule of choosing fats and oils (canola and olive oils are an example) with two grams or less of saturated fat for each tablespoon, those oils will help you maintain cholesterol levels.  The foods that use monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats will be the ones to look for.

7.    Recognize what “low-fat” means.  The term “low-fat” means food contains three grams or less of fat per portion.  Knowing portion sizees, as should you eat more than one serving (and portion sizes can often be small), you could still be getting more fat than you think, including calories.

These are small things in keeping your cholesterol levels under control, but every bit helps for the long run.  It all comes right down to routine, and if you are making a series of changes in your diet routine over a period of time, the results are going to be there.



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External Toxins and their Damage to the Liver

The Damage External Toxins Can Do with Your Liver

We’ve written extensively for the need to eat types of foods that will help detox our liver, and how the occasional liver cleansing to clear poisons from the system can help.  But how can we avoid these external toxins in the first place?  You may be familiar with a scare that went viral over the poisonous result from a car’s air conditioning system; there is certainly quite a lot of disinformation in existence as well.  I won’t go into it here, but educating yourself with all these issues can help you dismiss such rumors.

It is completely true that each one of us, and especially those with chronic liver disease, must be on guard against elevated amounts of environmental toxins.  There ways we have to reduce the contact with toxins.

Four Ways We can Guard Against External Toxins

1.            Keep away from all cigarette smoke.  Not just by not smoking, but evade all second-hand smoke as well.  Most people will understand the damage cigarette smoke will do to the heart and lungs, but it also takes a toll with the liver.  The poisons in smoke result in chronic inflammation and scarring in the liver cells, which can bring about liver fibrosis and cancer.

Another interesting fact about the way cigarette smoke affects our liver is how it deals with nicotine, by far the most addictive ingredient in cigarettes.  Whenever you inhale this nicotine, the liver produces enzymes to filter those toxins out.  As greater amounts of nicotine arrive into the body, the greater number of enzymes will be created by the liver to clear yourself of the harmful toxins.  This may seem like a very good thing, but it really merely adds to the dependence, as the body craves additional nicotine to continue with what it loses due to the increased enzyme production.  That’s the reason why what used to satisfy a smoker’s cravings no longer does the trick, and a pack a day turns into two or three.

2.            Limit gasoline fume exposure.  Those fumes are really terrible for your health.  These poisons will be removed through the liver, but when overtaxed severely the liver may become overwhelmed.   A good deal will depend with the duration and intensity of the exposure, but the more that can be avoided the better.  There are filling stations currently that have vapor recovery systems to capture the fumes.  This also would include avoiding gasoline touching the skin.

3.            Understand that benzene-containing chemicals will be harmful.  You can smell them in solvents, art supplies and paints.  This is because of benzene, which is a toxic chemical that can play a part to the overload of liver toxicity.  It had been used a lot as an additive for gasoline, however continues to be reduced in recent decades.  If you have to be around products that include benzene, be certain the vicinity gets well ventilated.

4.            Inhaling exhaust fumes might be toxic.  When you are sitting in traffic, there will be little you can do to circumvent breathing those fumes.  An alternative can be to keep the windows up and switch your car’s ventilation system to re-circulate.  There will still be some toxic fumes within the air, but certainly not nearly to the level the exterior exhaust fumes from idling vehicles are going to be.




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Liver Health and Optimism

Relationship with Liver Health and Optimism

We often talk about liver health in relation to the things we eat or don’t eat, and to stay away from toxins as much as possible.  One area that doesn’t get a great deal of notice is in fact maintaining a upbeat attitude.  In a investigation completed in 2011 at the University of Illinois, it was found to be unmistakable evidence that people who enjoyed extended and healthier lives kept a happier disposition as opposed to their unhappy peers.  There have been numerous tests to support that liver health and optimism go hand-in-hand.

So why is this?  There appears to exist a relationship between the association of happiness and inflammatory markers in the blood.  Pro-inflammatory cytokines, which are inflammation precursors inside the body, are found to become suppressed by improved happiness.  It especially is crucial for proper functioning of the liver, because such cytokines generally set off liver tissue irritation which can lead to chronic liver illness.

People with Depressive Disorders Frequently have Liver Issues

It isn’t known if there is a biological cause and effect link between depression and liver issues or if there exists which one will bring about the other.  Nevertheless those who are with impaired liver function frequently encounter depressive disorders more often as opposed to people who have fit livers.  But according to the statistics that are available, part of maintaining your liver healthy ought to be maintaining a optimistic mental outlook.

Some of the approaches which can be used to maintain an upbeat approach, especially in case you are afflicted with liver ailment, are:

1.    Choose an interest that appeals to you, and get fully engaged in it.  People who become wrapped up and concentrate on an interest they enjoy will attain the highest levels of satisfaction.

2.    Actively seek out pleasurable emotions and sensations.  The important thing here obviously is they need to be safe.  Thinking that you are unworthy of enjoying an pursuit that you feel good about will not help you psychologically.  Enjoying the wonders of a beautiful sunset, as an example, is why we are here, and is what we deserve.

3.    Do a little for someone who requires help.  When folks help one another, it truly can come back ten-fold.  There is really a reward to giving, and there are such a lot of folks who call for assistance.

4.    Being appreciative.  Dwell over the many things you have, since concentrating on your troubles is going to only make them get larger.  This has been the cornerstone that a great many spiritual leaders have preached as the path to being happy.

5.    Using creativity and humor.  Curiously, these two are related.  Creativity gets you to dig into your inner resources, and using that part of the imagination helps you plot a course through your troubles.  Finding the absurdity in things is also a great help to break down obstacles.  Learn to laugh.

Pressure and depression have always been believed to have an effect on failing healthiness, but it’s always been a “what came first, the chicken or the egg” issue.  However it is becoming more apparent considering the findings of a physical link with depression and failing health that the former might be the cause in most cases. And because blood issues are so crucial for liver concerns, a positive attitude will be of the utmost importance for liver health.

“Primal mind: nutrition & mental health—improving the way you feel & function & cultivating an ageless mind” by Nora Gedgaudas from Ancestral Health Society on Vimeo.


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