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Health Benefits of Turmeric- One of the Primary Liver Detox Agents

The Numerous Health Benefits of Turmeric

The health benefits of turmeric have for a long time been utilized in Indian and Chinese medical disciplines as an anti-inflammatory agent.  The strong, but not dangerous agent is curcumin, which has been compared in strength to those drugs hydrocortisone as well as over-the-counter anti-inflammatory agent Motrin.  The main advantage turmeric contains above these drug treatments is that it produces no toxicity which has produced ulcers, intestinal bleeding, in addition to reduced white blood cell numbers.

health benefits of turmeric

Colorful Turmeric

Turmeric has been for centuries native to Indonesia and southern India, and has now been harvested for more than 5000 years.  The product has just in recent times acquired acceptance within Western cultures thanks to testing which has highlighted those healing properties.  Presently China, India, Taiwan, the Philippines, Haiti and Jamaica are the top commercial producers.

Some of the Other Benefits of Turmeric

Before we talk more thoroughly regarding turmeric as a natural liver detox agent, these will be a few proven and credited health benefits of turmeric, the wonder spice:

health benefits of turmeric

Turmeric Root

1.    Lowers cholesterol.
2.    A natural painkiller.
3.    An anti-inflammatory without the side effects.
4.    It is a natural antibacterial agent.
5.    May prevent and slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.
6.    Curcumin’s antioxidant properties help in cancer prevention.
7.    May help cystic fibrosis sufferers.
8.    Combined with cauliflower, it has shown to prevent prostate cancer.
9.    A natural treatment for arthritis.
10. Reduces the risk of childhood leukemia.

Number One of the Health Benefits of Turmeric Is to the Liver

We believe that turmeric as part of the liver detoxification diet will be the place where this spice really stands out.  The king of spices purifies the blood, cleanses your liver, and promotes good digestion.  It also stimulates your gall bladder for bile production.  Acting as an herbal treatment to liver cirrhosis, the curcumin in turmeric promotes the liver detoxification procedure.  It prohibits alcohol and other toxins for being converted to compounds that may lead to the causes of liver failure.

Turmeric & the Healing Curcuminoids

Turmeric & the Healing Curcuminoids

It will be recommended to avoid utilizing turmeric as a detox agent when you suffer from painful gall stones, obstructive jaundice, or extremely toxic liver disorders.  If used over a long period of time it could possibly lead to stomach distress.

So how can we best use turmeric in our diet?  When purchasing turmeric, keep it in a tightly sealed container in an area that is dry, dark and cool.  Its yellow color will be difficult to remove from the hands, or almost everything it touches, so quickly clean wherever it came into contact with using soap and water.  Pure turmeric powder has much greater concentrations of curcumin than curry powders, so keep that in mind when you use it.  The powder isn’t nearly as concentrated as the root, so experts recommend doubling the amount you use.

Obviously you can work it into your diet in Indian cuisine and curries, but there are additional options that should be utilized.  I have been using it more as a salt substitute, and sprinkling it lightly on steamed vegetables works great.  I’ve also used it on salmon as an alternative to dill, and although I love the taste of dill I’m getting more accustomed to the turmeric variety all the time.  And perhaps you did not know, but the bright-yellow color of American mustard which we use on hot dogs comes from the inclusion of turmeric.  Thank George T. French for that one.



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Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease- The Silent Cause of Problems

How to Control Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is quite a common condition, and it often causes no symptoms and minor complications.  The healthy liver under normal circumstances will have a little fat, but when the livers weight is made up of more than 10% fat, it is a condition called fatty liver.  Diabetes, people with high cholesterol, and overweight or obese people are the most likely to have the condition.  It is thought to affect about 25% of all people in the United States.

nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

Healthy Liver vs. Fatty Liver

What Are the Risks of this Disease?

Although many people have nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and have not experienced any symptoms, when symptoms finally do occur they may take the form of fatigue, nausea, abdominal pain, jaundice, fluid buildup in the legs and abdomen, and mental confusion.  Liver swelling may cause inflammation and scarring over time, and studies have shown it can lead to liver cancer or liver failure.  Fatty liver disease is a condition that should be controlled before signs and symptoms make themselves known, as of this time there is no standard treatment.  Doctors will typically address the risk factors that contribute to the disease, but preventive maintenance is the best remedy.

Liver Health: A Natural Approach

Liver Health: A Natural Approach

Diet and Exercise is the Best Prevention of Fatty Liver Disease

What are the best ways to prevent fatty liver disease?

  1. A healthy diet.  Reduced fat intake, eliminate all Trans fats, and keep your fat intake to that found in nuts, olive oil, and fish.  You can’t go wrong with a diet built around fruits and vegetables.  Your dishes with these foods should have multiple colors to be sure your getting a broad-base of nutrients.
  2. Exercise.  Try to keep at least half-hour a day for some kind of physical activity.  High intensity exercise is great, but low intensity aerobics will do, especially if it’s an alternative to do nothing at all.  Simply taking the stairs on a regular basis instead of the elevator will help.
  3. Control your weight.  Of course this goes hand-in-hand with numbers one and two, but one of the greatest triggers for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is obesity.  Once you get into a proper diet and exercise program, you will be well on your way to controlling your liver issues.
  4. Controlling diabetes and cholesterol.  These are also high risk factors for fatty liver, and it is essential you deal with them for multiple health reasons.  Meal plans for diabetics are one way to solve the problem, as you can have specially prepared meals for you delivered to your door, leaving the guesswork as to what should be in your diet with the experts.

We must maintain liver health for living a long and healthy life.  A liver that is working at peak efficiency will remove toxins from your system, maintain blood sugar levels, and metabolize fat more effectively and turn food into energy.  If the liver is doing all that you are going to feel at the top of your game every day.



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Liver Failure Causes, and Why It Is Imperative We Don’t Ignore Them

What Are Liver Failure Causes

Considering the importance of the liver, it is imperative that we understand what liver failure causes are before we have serious issues with our liver. Luckily for us, we have to put the liver through a great amount of stress before liver failure occurs.  The unfortunate thing is it doesn’t give us many warning signs that it is distress, and when it finally does fail the consequences are often quite grave.

liver failure causes

In many cases at the point of complete collapse the only alternative is a liver transplant, and there are many more people in need then there are donors.  To know and understand these causes of liver failure are crucial before they reach the grave stage.

Why We Can’t Take Liver Issues for Granted

We could think of the interior of the liver as a series of city streets in a congested city.  When the passageways in a city become clogged by traffic or construction, traffic is forced to move onto other streets, putting a greater burden on those thoroughfares.  The city can take some of this congestion, but at some point gridlock develops and the city comes to halt.  Likewise with the liver, it can function with some congestion, although not as efficiently, but at some point liver failure occurs.

The Modern Treatment of Diseases of the Liver

The Modern Treatment of Diseases of the Liver

That is where a detoxification diet, consumed on a regular basis, becomes essential.  And if the damage to the liver has progressed too far, a program to detox may be needed.

A Few of the Liver Failure Causes

1.      Alcohol abuse.  This can cause liver cells to be inflamed and in time cause the liver to malfunction.  It is considered the most common cause of liver disease in North America.

2.     Infectious hepatitis.  Hepatitis A and B, with hepatitis B being an infection spread via bodily fluids from drug needles, contaminated blood, or sexual contact.  This can evolve into a very serious condition, but different vaccines can prevent both A and B infections.

3.      Cancers.  These cancers can either originate in the liver or be transported by the blood stream infecting the liver, but obviously are one of the more serious liver failure causes.

4.      Obesity and cholesterol build-up.  Another of the things we can control to assure we maintain a healthy liver.  A healthy diet along with occasionally detoxifying the liver is going to help the liver immensely to stay healthy and efficient.

5.      Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.  Caused by fat molecules that build up in the liver, it is most often the result of obesity.  There are few indicators of this condition, although general exhaustion and tenderness in the upper abdominal region might occur.  As the situation gets into its acute stages, there might be itchy or easily bruising skin, poor recollection or confusion, and weight gain in the abdominal region.

It may end up that a liver transplant is the only and last resort option.  There are some promising drugs that are in test stage that may aid the liver tissues in regenerating, but it is still well in the future.  The best way to take care of your liver remains preventive maintenance with a healthy diet and exercise regimen.



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Signs of Liver Cancer, and Liver Cancer Prevention

What Are Some of the Signs of Liver Cancer?

Once we have had the signs of liver cancer, we are really on the defense concerning our liver health.  The time to think of liver cancer prevention is long before the indicators become apparent.  Our liver, being the amazing organ that it is, often doesn’t tell us the stress it is under until the situation becomes serious.

This can be unfortunate, but it demands that we be proactive in the health of our liver.  Taking care of our liver listening to our body telling us the warning signs of problems should be a job we are always on.  Doing preventive maintenance is vital to ward off problems and keep a healthy liver. 

Symptoms of Liver Cancer and Other Liver Issues

signs of liver cancer

When you have two or more of the below issues, you may have the start of liver issues:

  1. Yellowish colored skin
  2. Feeling fatigued constantly
  3. Overweight
  4. Prolonged feeling of nausea
  5. Abdominal pain discomfort
  6. Pain in the back area

For a more extensive list of causes of liver problems, see the Mayo Clinic’s page.

One of the Main Culprits:  Fatty Liver

signs of liver cancerNonalcoholic fatty liver disease is an issue that all of us must control.  It is quite prevalent throughout the western world, and it will make your life quite uncomfortable, robbing you of your vitality and ability to lose weight.

When your liver is clogged with billions as cells that are dead plus toxins that we all pick up, it loses efficiency, and you become open to not only liver issues in addition to a myriad of other problems.  An additional problem is the liver’s lack of nerve endings.  Without these pain sensors, issues including liver cancer may go undetected until they become severe.

Okay, That’s the Bad News.  What’s the Good News?

Fortunately, many liver issues are reversible, unless of course situations like liver cancer have progressed past the point of no return.  When fighting these issues here are a few factors to take into consideration:

Liver-directed Therapy For Primary And Metastatic Liver Tumors

Liver-directed Therapy For Primary And Metastatic Liver Tumors

  1. There are many foods for cleansing the liver that will help with stop the process of  liver tissue loss.
  2. There is a school of thought that says that the fructose that is in fruit will not be helpful when cleansing the liver of fatty liver disease.  Studies have not confirmed nor negated this.
  3. Why fatty liver is rare in the Orient, and this may be because of the prevalence of herbs and spices in the diet.
  4. Liver cirrhosis is the eight leading cause of death in the United States.  However, the ramifications of the disease can be responsible for many more.
  5. There are a great many herbs and spices that are wonderful for liver health.  Two of the best are turmeric and milk thistle.

We are looking forward to helping you understand more about the liver and the place that it plays in helping you toward a long and healthy life.  On our website you will find ways to help your liver in your everyday life, as well as thoughts for proper detoxification of the body.  It will take you through this important step that will make your body healthier.



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Lactose Intolerant Symptoms- Here Is How to Cope With Them

How to Deal With Lactose Intolerance

A disorder that affects millions of people worldwide is lactose intolerant symptoms.  It is the inability to metabolize lactose (which we will get into shortly), but can be controlled and maintained with a diet that avoids dietary lactose.  Lactose is the predominant sugar in milk, and when it lays in the digestive system unable to be digested, it begins to ferment leading to stomach pain that can be quite intense.  Maintaining an excellent diet will be the way to best control the issue.

lactose intolerant symptoms

What Are Lactose Intolerant Symptoms

Lactose is two sugars that are bound into one, and are found mostly in milk and other dairy products.  For proper absorption these sugars must be broken into two smaller sugars, which are done by an enzyme present in the lining of the small intestine.  Without this enzyme, lactose cannot be absorbed into the system, generating lactose intolerant symptoms.  Those symptoms may show up as abdominal colic, stomach gas, nausea and diarrhea.

The method most people might use to find if they are truly lactose intolerant is the “domestic method”.  This will be of minimal cost and can be done without any professional assistance.  First, keep away from eating any milk or dairy products, and this includes anything containing dairy as an ingredient.  This should be done for three days to totally clear the system.

Then, down two to three glasses of milk.  Within an hour it should have taken effect, and if you are lactose intolerant in that time you will develop stomachache or diarrhea.  There are more professional ways of determining issues you may have, such as blood sugar levels or having a breath test, but are obviously going to cost money.  As an aside, check out various meal plans on the website that can be designed as for people with lactose intolerant issues.

The Foods to Treat Lactose Intolerant Symptoms

Depending on the severity of a person’s condition will dictate what his diet might be.  People whose conditions are only moderate may be able to tolerate some dairy products, but those with severe conditions may have reactions to any lactose.  Those people should consult a dietitian to draw up a diet plan that will be suitable.

The Official Patient''s Sourcebook on Lactose Intolerance: A Revised and Updated Directory for the Internet Age

The Official Patient”s Sourcebook on Lactose Intolerance: A Revised and Updated Directory for the Internet Age

Other factors that come into play are where you are from.  People from Northern Europe or North America are less affected than those in Asia, Africa and South America.  Also, people as they get age are more prone to lactose intolerance.  A certain disease called Celiac Disease, which damages the area of the intestine that produces lactase, could cause issues.

Four Factors for Dealing With Lactose Intolerance

There are four recognized principles for dealing with a lactose intolerant diet.  We have already discussed the avoidance of lactose in the diet, but it should not be forgotten that those lost nutrients have to be replaced with a diet that is lactose free.  This would involve getting calcium from other sources.  Another factor is knowing the difference between lactose intolerant symptoms, which are much more common than the more serious lactose allergy.  For more information on this see Signs of Food Allergy.  Through consultation using a dietician you’ll be put on a lactose intolerant diet plan that should relieve the symptoms.


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Food for the Liver- Eat These Liver Friendly Foods

Detoxing and Protection Make the Top Liver Foods

We may break down the best food for the liver into a couple of broad categories: those that are antioxidant-rich and give the liver protection, and foods that help to detoxify the liver naturally.  The best liver diet will be the one has a wide range of foods from both groups.  So let’s break down those types of foods that fit into each category, and consider how they can be incorporated into the diet.  Our will rotate around these foods that are great for the body.

Food for the Liver that Focus on Antioxidants

food for the liver

liver cleansing food list

Starting with vegetables, tomatoes, spinach, carrots and broccoli are great for the liver as they have high antioxidant levels.  Tomatoes, because of their powerful anticancer agent lycopene, are especially great for the liver.  When you are using tomatoes, use a little olive oil for the optimum assimilation.  The fat will help the assimilation process.  And cooking tomatoes are more healthy than raw, which is not typical of most vegetables.

Next are fruits, and there are many with high antioxidant amounts.  Based on what the US Department of Agriculture tells us, they are starting with those with the highest levels of antioxidants and working down will be: prunes, raisins, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, plums, oranges, pink grapefruit, cantaloupe, apples and pears.  Another food outside of the fruit category but containing massive concentrations of catechin polyphinols is green tea.  They work with other chemicals to oxidize fat.

The Official Patient''s Sourcebook on Cirrhosis of the Liver: A Revised and Updated Directory for the Internet Age

The Official Patient”s Sourcebook on Cirrhosis of the Liver: A Revised and Updated Directory for the Internet Age

A diet loaded with these antioxidants if done for a week will help will repair the liver.  During that time eliminate all animal products, all sugar and alcohol, and drink only nominal amounts of coffee.  Also, increase your intake of purified water to over eight cups daily.  Once you have given your liver this protection, it’s on to the next phase.

Next, Food for the Liver that Will Have a Cleansing Affect

Cleansing the liver will be next, and there are an extensive number of foods in the vegetable category that will cleanse your liver beautifully. They  are beets, artichokes, peas, parsnips, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, squash, yams, beans, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, chives, celery, cabbage, eggplant, cucumber, carrots, cauliflower, okra, onion, garlic, kale, kohlrabi, parsley, and mustard greens.  Obviously quite a extensive list, so there ought to be several that everybody will like, and to get the most nutritional value out of them be sure to rotate them within your diet plan.

There are many other exceptional foods that cleans the liver that you should add to your diet.  Add a half lemon and a dash of cayenne to a glass of water just as hot as you can stand.  This is a terrific way to boost your liver first thing in the morning.  Another is milk thistle, one of the most potent liver cleaning compounds you will find.

Your liver is your most important fat-burning organ, but it must be working at its peak efficiency.  We can help it do its job by keeping it free of all obstructions, and that begins with diet. The liver performs more than 500 different functions, therefore we must give it every break that we can.  Keeping a diet rich in antioxidant foods together with foods that have natural detoxification qualities is going to those requirements well.



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Health Benefits Ginger Has- Its More than Just Ginger Snaps

Your Diet Plan Should Include Ginger

The health benefits ginger has have been known in many cultures for centuries, even though scientific testing has yet to conclusively confirm those beliefs.  Probably its most recognized gift for mankind has been its ability to settle down our stomach, although it has other recognized values.  Now before we talk about why ginger should be part of a, let’s first some provide some background with the plant.

Ginger has been harvested for hundreds of years, and is now utilized all over the world as a flavoring to food and is believed to alleviate various ailments.  It is the rhizome, or root which can be described as perennial creeper, part of the vegetation that is used for spices, medicine and flavoring.  It is now harvested mostly in Southeast Asia, as India and China constitutes the two largest producers.

Ginger requires a tropical climate with heavy rain, and is normally harvested during the hot and dry part in the year.  The ginger blossom is beautiful and fragrant and adorns many gardens of the upper class houses for those tropical climates.

Green Tea With Ginger by The Tea Emporium

Health Benefits Ginger

The Health Benefits Ginger Has Relates to the Digestive System

Ginger has been a large part of the human diet for more than 500 years, and has been utilized throughout the world for its health benefits.  The product on the right, Japanese Sencha gets an immunity boost from healthy ginger in this green tea blend.  Click on the image for more information.

So how can it aid you?

1.    Calms the digestive system.  As mentioned above, it continues to be helpful to treat unsettled stomach attributable to morning sickness, chemotherapy as well as sea sickness.  It is safe for pregnant women to use, and except for some reactions when used with some medicines it is generally established as safe.  Determined by a person’s amount of tolerance, using massive quantities may cause central nervous system over-stimulation.
2.    Gall stone problems.  Since ginger promotes the manufacture of bile and actually thins it, gallstones can actually be dissolved.  And as observed above, it helps with nausea, that is certainly one of those chief discomforts with individuals with problems with there gall bladder.
3.    Culinary use.  In eastern cultures ginger will be used as another spice for flavoring dishes such as meat, fish or vegetarian cuisine.  Western cultures traditionally have used it in sweet types of foods like ginger snap cookies, ginger ale and gingerbread.  It may act as a good food preservative and also as being made into candy.
4.    Other benefits.  There is some evidence for it helping those with diabetic issues, heart troubles, blood circulation problems, and several other forms of illness.  Like many herbs and spices, scientific information has trailed home cures by a long way.  Many cultures have been using herbs and spices for many years for ailments that may or might not be enough to be backed through science.  Often, though, when a person is certain he will be cured by something it can be enough to make it happen.

The health benefits ginger has can be employed within a multitude of ways, from crushed, grated, minced, sliced and chopped.  It’s most commonly utilized as a additive to sweet dishes and flavoring in desserts.  Fresh ginger and ground ginger have different tastes, so based with the recipe it’s vital that you use it within its suitable form.  Ginger tea is becoming more popular, because it contains superb health benefits and most individuals love its flavor.



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What to Avoid to Lose Weight- Common Foods that Will Do You Harm

Three Foods that Should be Dropped to Lose Weight

We often talk about foods we should eat, but here we will discuss foods to avoid to lose weight.  With most types of foods they are in the gray neighborhood, which means they might be first-rate or satisfactory within reasonable quantities.  When you are able to consume these types of foods in moderation they should be a component of your eating plan.  Foods such as fruit, nuts and olive oil to name some constitutes excellent sources of nourishment, however too much of a good thing tend to be no longer a good thing.

Trick Yourself Into Losing Weight: A Psychiatrist''s Guide to Dieting

Trick Yourself Into Losing Weight: A Psychiatrist”s Guide to Dieting

Then there are some types of foods which have nothing going for them nutritionally, nevertheless we devour them because, well, they taste so darn good.  We keep eating them until our bodies begin to crave them, and soon they are not merely something we have as treats but food we require.  So to avoid these foods, it’s best not to dance with the devil but simply avoid them at every opportunity.

What to Avoid to Lose Weight- Sugar Is at the Top of the List

1.    Sugar.  The problems that refined sugar produces with the system cannot be overemphasized.  During the 1960s and 70s nutritionists had been ringing the caution bells concerning sugar, but in the 1980s fat became the bad guy, and sugar received a pass.  Sugar will be the root of countless evils, and is at this time is cited as a major participant in heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

What makes sugar exceptionally risky is it is an addictive drug.  It really is best to simply say no to anything with additional sugar and limit yourself to natural sugars found in fruit.

2.    Sodium.  High sodium levels will thrust your blood pressure upward and increase your threat for stroke and heart disease.  The issue using sodium is we need a little to get your body to work appropriately.  The kidneys control the amount of sodium within the body, but if we overrun the kidneys, it’ll begin to build up in the blood.  Accordingly just how much is enough?  That can vary with different folks, however to simplify in today’s Western societies just about everyone brings in too much.  In making food taste better it’s added to many prepared and processed foods, and also while being a natural part of numerous types of foods such as dairy and meat.  The point is we don’t have to add any more.

3.    Refined grains.  Processed grains will not include those key nutrients which whole-grains do, and that includes fiber. This will not make them damaging for our system as, for example, sugar.  However, the processing is going to leave behind a grain product that’s rich in simple carbs, consequently these foods high in carbohydrates can have an impact with the system similar to sugar.  This what to avoid to lose weight problem food will be easier to resolve by using whole-wheat pasta instead of ordinary, brown rice instead of white rice, along with whole-grain bread and not white bread.  Also, a few food like quinoa, barley, steel-cut oats and wheat berries which we as a rule may not put into our diet might be worked in.

Some Other Foods in the What to Avoid to Lose Weight Category

This listing is obviously not a far-reaching one, but merely to indicate three types of foods to stay away from.  Trans-fats and several foods that have saturated fats will certainly also go on the list if space permitted, but avoiding these three common problematic types of foods will do wonders for your well-being.  Stay with foods that are natural liver cleansers, and skip those that are going to get your body in trouble.


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What Are Processed Foods, and How Do They Affect the Liver

What Are Processed Foods

Knowing what are processed foods and their affect on the the liver and its functions is important for people trying to lose their body fat.  It’s crucial to possess a solid understanding of your liver’s function as it relates to a our weight.  Considering the liver has many functions, there are many ways in which it controls body fat.  Here we are going to dwell on how processed foods can produce liver poisons and have a negative influence on weight gain.

Liver health is by far the most essential single organ in our bodies for fat management.  It metabolizes fats, carbohydrates and proteins, removing them from the system before they have an opportunity to go into fat storage.  Another of the liver’s tasks would be to remove toxins from your body.  Toxins come in several types, from chemical substances in unfiltered drinking water to air contaminants like cigarette smoke.

Chemical Markers for Processed & Stored Foods

Chemical Markers for Processed & Stored Foods

Some of the Contributors to What Are Processed Foods

In this post we are going to focus on consumed toxins in refined foods and some of the additional foods most of us eat on a regular basis.  When liver is working overtime removing toxins from the system, it’ll not have time to accomplish the responsibilities we wish it to perform; that is, to effectively eliminate fat.  Processed foods are comprised of real foods then have been infused together with preservatives and chemicals, and those nasty things are toxins the liver must deal with.  Some of the processed foods which have an impact on fat gain and if not remedied could eventually result in  acute liver failure.  So what are processed foods?

*    Junk foods.  They contain little in the way of real nutrition, however are made from refined foods, chemicals and hydrogenated fats.  Examples are among other things donuts, soda, and many cold cereals.
*    Preservatives.  These additives, employed  to prevent food from spoiling, come in the form of nitrates for preserving meats, sulfur dioxide used on dried fruits and vegetables to prevent rotting, and additives in margarine (see What Is Margarine), fruit juices and carbonated drinks.
*    Coloring.  The American food industry uses thousands of tons of food color each year, and most of these agents are derived from coal tar, almost every one synthetic.  Among the foods that use are coloring are butter, margarine, carbonated drinks, jellies, and maraschino cherries, to name a few.
*    Sweeteners.  Nearly all processed foods include synthetic sugar substitutes such as aspartame and saccharine, which are toxic enough to be required to place a warning label on all products it contains.
*    Flavorings.  You will find over 2000 of those food chemicals in use, and usually consist of a large quantity of chemical substances.
*    Refined flour.  The brown shell of the grain has been removed, leaving the white, refined starch.  These refined starches will be rapidly broken down into sugar and absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This causes glucose levels to rise, giving you increases in body fat.  Some of the products that fall within this category will be white bread, white rice, pasta, and several junk types of foods.  Whole grain products such as quinoa are absorbed much more slowly into the bloodstream than refined starches due to the bran surrounding the starch.

Why We Must Avoid the What Are Processed Foods

These foods are a few that we consume which are processed foods that influence fat increase.  Clearly in our modern-day world it is impracticable to avoid them entirely. Luckily the human body is well built to deal with these toxins in limited quantities, as long as it does not become overloaded.  If with a period of time your liver becomes stressed to the stage it couldn’t effectively do its task, a state known as fatty liver develops, which are deposits of fatty tissue in the liver.  This will cause, among other things, a severe lack with the ability to metabolize fats, resulting in  greater weight gain.

The target is always not allow the liver to degenerate into this condition, and if we’d  severely curtail these processed foods which affect fat gain, we’d  experience dramatic increases to how our liver functions.  It isn’t easy, but by watching what we purchase, or get on one of the excellent delivered meal plans such as Diet-to-go, these toxins are sure to be decreased immensely.


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Benefits of Honey- The Sweet Food That’s Sweeter on You Health

The Many Health Benefits of Honey

It truly gets amazing that if you examine the health advantages of many types of foods, some of them are truly wonderful to the taste.  Honey is one of them, and fortunately there are many health benefits of honey that add to this remarkable ancient favorite.  We’d  consider many of them food indulgences if we didn’t understand their health advantages.  For instance,  dark chocolate is a food that if consumed in moderation this favorite moderately, it has enormous health advantages.  So it will be with honey.

The Benefits of Honey Start With Antiseptic Qualities

1.    Antiseptic qualities.  Going back towards the days of ancient Egypt honey was utilized as a natural home remedy to inhibit an infection with external wounds.  Operating as an anti-inflammatory agent, it’s long been used to lessen swelling and pain, along with scarring.

2.    Helping your immune system.  Their powerful antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties are recognized to boost digestion as well as fight diseases.  Evidence now implies that their antioxidant properties may not only decrease the risk of some forms of cancer, stroke and heart problems, but also could slow down the aging process.  This will be achieved by reversing cellular harm caused by free radicals, and the antioxidants within honey are going to battle those troubles.  Remember, these antioxidants are never there in regular table sugar.

3.    Natural energy booster.  The glucose in honey gets absorbed swiftly into the body to give a direct energy increase, and the fructose will be absorbed slower providing you with greater sustained energy.  But what benefits of honey does it have over regular sugar?  While honey contains higher caloric content per teaspoon as opposed to table sugar, you need to use a lot less honey for the same sweetening effect.  Moreover, honey has a lesser negative impact to the blood-glucose level because of its molecular structure.  Therefore the sugars in honey move into the blood much more steadily, making for a better digestion.

The Health Benefits of Honey Will Depend on Where It’s Harvested

Honey, How And When To Use It...

Honey, How And When To Use It…

Much of the benefits of honey can be highly inconsistent, according to their floral source.  Because it comes from flower nectar, clearly the color along with flavor from the honey is going to depend upon where the bees buzz.  The honey that is known to have more antioxidant compounds than most will be buckwheat honey, made in Wisconsin and Minnesota, and also Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio.  You will think it full-bodied and dark, and will be one particular type of honey to look for.

But there are in excess of 300 unique types of honey available within the United States, depending with the different floral source.  Generally, dark colored honey is going to be more powerful in taste, light colored being milder.  Using honey in combination with other healthy products, giving it a sweetening result, will be one more way to utilize this beneficial food.

Some illustrations of what could be shared with honey for health reasons:
1.    Vinegar.  This is often a home cure for a body detox and treatment a for arthritis.
2.    Cinnamon.  Recognized as a cure for bad breath.
3.    Lemon.  Many individuals use this to keep weight in check.
4.    Milk.  Improves digestion.

The variety of ways that honey might be incorporated with a is endless because of its naturally sweet character.  As with most foods that are wonderful for our good health, they really are only wonderful in moderation.  Their calorie content makes them something we should be vigilant with.

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