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Liver Pain- Difficult to Diagnose but Vital to Deal With

The Difficulty in Diagnosing Liver Pain

It is very difficult to diagnose liver pain, and often before we make a diagnosis it has developed into  acute liver failure.  There will not be a great deal of pain in the liver until it is too late, because the brain will frequently read the indicators vaguely.  This throws off the prognosis and wastes valuable time before treatment can begin.

liver pain

Effects of a Swollen Liver

One example of this is that the brain can read soreness from the liver as coming from the right shoulder.  Also, the key pain receptors in the liver are on the surface of the organ.  Problems that may set off pain sensation that are deep within the liver are not immediately felt.

Any soreness you do experience in your liver will actually be pressure on the capsule that encompasses the liver.  This will be located in the upper right quadrant of the stomach cavity, and just below your rib cage.  When the liver enlarges with some issue, the swelling will push out on this cavity, causing soreness.

Liver Pain Generally Won’t Be Felt Until the Condition Worsens

Liver Detoxifier & Regenerator 90ct by NOW Foods

Liver Detoxifier & Regenerator

By the time you begin experiencing these pains it is likely that the conditions causing the pain will have reached the acute stages.  To make things harder yet, pain that seemingly might be coming from the liver could be totally unrelated.  For instance, pain could be caused by fluid in the abdominal region, overall stomach soreness, gall bladder issues, or irritable bowel syndrome.

So you never know, and it is best to consult a physician when you feel irritation in the area.  When you are to the point where you or the person you’re with has fainting and fever, hallucinations, vomiting of blood, severe fatigue and trouble remembering things, your condition is probably at the acute liver failure point, and demands immediate medical care.  The entire bodily functions could be close to shutting down.

liver pain Some of the Reasons for Liver Pain

1.    Liver cancer. The most critical, and signs of this will be lack of energy, abrupt weight loss and inability to sleep.

2.    Hepatitis (liver inflammation). This is soreness in the liver area, often brought on by infection caused by viruses.

3.    Fatty liver illness.  Extreme fat buildup in the liver will lead to a nonalcoholic fatty liver condition.  A diet that is loaded with fat, processed foods and contaminants can lead to this problem, and foods that cleanse the liver can help reverse this.

4.    Enlarged spleen. If the spleen becomes enlarged, usually by infection, it can push into the area occupied by the liver, causing stress.  The spleen when it is of normal size is about the size of an orange located on a person’s left side.

. This is of course due to excessive drinking over a long period of time, and can lead to such things as alcoholic hepatitis, cirrhosis or fat buildup.  If the condition is not too far advanced it can be reversed by forgoing alcohol.

We hate pain when we have it, but it is the body’s way of telling us it has issues.  Unfortunately the liver usually doesn’t give us any heads up to problems, and when it does it could be with mixed signals.  There may not be a better reason to start and maintain a  proper diet and exercise program to make sure our liver stays clear of any issues.  Most of the organs let us recognize when they are in trouble; not so much with your liver.


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Bikram Yoga and Weight Loss- Here Is Why You Should Be Part of It

Bikram Yoga and Weight Loss

Yoga has always been a way to gain flexibility and strength, and when it comes to Bikram Yoga and weight loss, it is certainly another reason to get into this form of exercise.  A session of Bikram Yoga can burn between 500 and 1250 calories in a one and a half hour session, depending on how much you are able to put into the routines.  I can vouch on a personal basis that this is by far not the easiest exercise routines you will do, but if you stick with it you will definitely see the benefits in these  aerobic workouts in addition to other factors.  Other benefits are psychological well-being, as like with most yoga you detach from everything and focus on breathing.

Are you interested in aging in a healthy way, keeping up you youthful vigor?  Who doesn’t?  Click here to find out some of the things seniors are doing to stay youthful and vigorous.  Food is very important as well, and these exercises will be sure to keep you young and fit, providing you can keep up with them.

Bikram Yoga and Weight Loss

One of the Best Body Stretches You Can Do

Of What Does Bikram Yoga and Weight Loss Consist

Yoga Without Attitude: Just Exercises for Good Health

Yoga Without Attitude: Just Exercises for Good Health

The classes are comprised of ninety minute sessions, with 26 Hatha Yoga postures between two inhaling and exhaling workouts.  The thing that makes Bikram Yoga especially difficult, and in some circles controversial, is the heat.  The sessions are conducted in a room that is heated to 105 degrees F. with extremely high humidity.  In other words, you sweat a lot.  Some therapists believe this excessive heat increases the risk of overstretching muscles and causing cartilage damage.  But with any exercise, especially if it is quite intense, there is always a risk.  And the supervisors never ask you to do anything that is painful, but tell you to stay within your limits.

A second main characteristic of the exercises is the emphasis on breathing.  That part of the process is emphasized throughout.  The sequence of postures is designed to work all areas of the body, with each pose setting you up for the next one.  Promoting blood circulation is another key to everything you do, as the poses will promote the flow of clean blood to the muscles, joints and organs.  This is done by a process of extension and compression which encourages rushes of blood to move into each area.

Promoting Blood Circulation Is the Key to Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga and Weight Loss

The Poses of Bikram Yoga

To elaborate, when a specific pose is done, a certain area of the body is stretched or compressed.  The blood supply will be briefly cut, and then when released there will be a supplementary flow of blood, which is called extension.  This process will flush the system of toxins and infection, and the heat and humidity will accelerate the process.  This will have the effect to detox the body naturally, which will also aid the liver.

As with yoga of all kinds, this is a mental experience as well as physical.  It is done in a group situation, and at times it can get a bit tight space wise, but there is a sense of quite togetherness.  There are people of all age groups, including seniors, and although I have heard that some places seemed to take on a competitive aspect, I saw none of that.  In fact, some of the veterans offered a lot of encouragement after class.

What I have taken from the class have been greater flexibility and better balance.  When I started I had no balance at all, but was encouraged to go in small steps, and within a few sessions I improved.  And once there is small improvement, it does get easier, although I’ll never reach the level of balance and flexibility of some.  The other factor is to get past the heat and humidity, as it does take a toll.  But if you can get through the first ten sessions you should be okay (but probably not comfortable).

You will feel better, though, and will drink more water.  Your sleep will be improved, and you probably won’t have the same food cravings you had before.  I think it is safe to say that if you give it a chance, you will feel more vibrant inside.


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Detoxing Your Body- Why It Is Important for a Healthy Liver

The Importance of Detoxing Your Body

The liver plays an important role for filtering harmful substances within the body.  Detoxing your body is vital, because it plays a significant role in total health of your system.  Pursuant to our broad discussion concerning how to get rid of body fat and keep it off, we are going to observe how it will play a vital function.  A detoxing your body plan is going to be a vital ingredient to keeping a fit body while bypassing the starvation diets and other quick-fix techniques to keeping in shape.

Top Secret 4-Way Body Cleanse & DetoxA Prime Function of a Detoxing Your Body Plan: Removing Toxins

To begin with, where do these toxins come from, and what may we do to lessen their effect before we depend on our organs to labor overtime to finish their duty?  Foods, particularly meats that aren’t fresh, or every food that contains excessive amounts of preservatives, is often damaging, particularly if consumed frequently.  Water can carry contaminates, so should always be filtered and treated.  There are an unlimited variety of environmental toxins which are in the air, as well as chemicals and other pesticides which are used on the foods we tend to eat.

There are lower quantities of pesticide residue in organic food, as only a small volume of chemical substances is permissible in organic food production.  We realize it costs a little more to purchase organic foods, nonetheless it will help in the battle, and as more folks become conscious of the values of shopping for organic, the purchase price will in due course come down as supplies raise.  Even unprocessed organic foods contain some naturally occurring poisons that a detoxing your body protocol must deal with, but not to the degree of non-organic foods.

detoxing your bodyThus along with other things, one of the foremost features of a detoxing your body strategy is to get clear of these impurities from the blood.  The liver filters roughly two quarts of blood every minute, getting rid of toxins and impurities from the bloodstream.  If ever the liver isn’t functioning at optimum efficiency, these poisons remain in the system, causing a variety of issues which may be causes of cancer, cardiovascular disease, along with surplus body fat.  The food selections you are making can and will go a long way to keeping your liver working effectively.

How the Detoxing Your Body Regimen Works

A healthy liver is the main organ for distributing and sustaining the fuel reserve for the body.  A liver detox diet strategy is intended to do two things: those that provide antioxidants to protect the liver and keep it strong and healthy, and foods that have a natural detoxifying effect, which will cleanse, or flush the liver to make it run more efficiently. This is the type of food we are looking for.  Think of your liver as an enormous system of tubes or passageways, and in order for the liver to work optimally these pathways must be kept as free and passable as is possible.

A diet that is always going to keep the liver pure will allow it to effectively supply the nutrition that your body needs,will help to eradicate and deactivate toxic substances.  These metabolic wastes and dead cell matter, when not removed, will accumulate and cause further congestion in the passageways.



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Liver Cleanse Diet- These Are the Best Foods for the Liver

Check out these Seven Top Liver Cleanse Diet Foods

Fortunately you actually may begin a liver cleanse diet plan made from superb liver detoxification foods without ever having to deprive yourself or complete an entire lifestyle change.  By making these types of food a part of your food intake you can maintain the overall health of your hardworking liver automatically.  The end result is greater stamina, strengthened immune system and more restful sleep.  These are just some of the immediate rewards you will get by having a healthy and efficiently-operating liver.


So what are some of these wonder foods for your liver, and how can you get these into a regular diet program?  To begin with, some of the attributes these foods will have are an abundance of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, plus high quantities of antioxidants.  Most of these kinds of foods are found in most every large grocery store, and basically all you need to do will be take them home and make sure they get into your meal plan.

The Modern Treatment of Diseases of the Liver

Modern Treatment of Diseases of the Liver

The Foods that Comprise a Liver Cleanse Diet

1.            Leafy greens. All these types of foods, because they include chlorophyll, are going to remove toxic substances from a circulatory system in prodigious amounts.  They are great either fully cooked or uncooked, and have been known to neutralize harmful pesticides and chemicals if they themselves are organically produced.

2.            Fresh garlic. Along with olive oil this is one of the staples within the Mediterranean diet, and they are great because they will stimulate liver enzymes to help you flush out toxins.  Garlic has a couple of natural liver cleansing compounds, selenium and allicin.

3.            Carrots, beets and red and yellow fruits and vegetables. High with beta-carotene, these are necessary for their antioxidant characteristics because they hamper oxidation with other molecules.  They are significant in their capacity to eliminate oxidative stress, which can trigger cancer.

4.            Whole grains. It is important to grasp that these particular liver cleansing foods are not the white highly processed flour foods, but are foods such as brown rice, brown bread as well as whole wheat grains.  They aid in liver function and help to metabolize fats.  On the flip side, white bread because of the processing provides little dietary benefit and additionally can add toxic substances due to the processing.  The top alternatives in this area are the sprouted grain breads.

5.            Olive oil.  This particular healthy food because of its lipid base virtually sucks up toxic elements.  But it is healthy fat so be cautious about consuming too much.

6.            Green teas.  Tea generally is good for your health, yet green tea, also heavy with plant antioxidants, might be the best.  It’s quickly becoming accepted for its overall health benefits, assisting your liver with all of its functions.

7.            Turmeric.  Much like tea, there are numerous herbs and spices that contain outstanding health benefits.  And yet turmeric, known as the liver’s ideal spice, is among the best in aiding liver detox.   It assists those enzymes which actively get rid of dietary carcinogens.

A Few That Should Never Be Part of a Liver Cleanse Diet

These kinds of foods are excellent for your hardworking liver, and everybody should be able to easily include all of them in their diet.  The types of foods to avoid if at all possible will be those with artificial additives, synthetic sweeteners and preservatives, along with highly processed foods.  Organically grown foods which will be those not treated with chemicals plus harmful pesticides and herbicides, are also liver friendly.  Finally, alcohol in all forms must only be consumed moderately.

If you think of the liver being a filtration system, then over time the filtration system will become congested with harmful toxins if it is not adequately managed on an every-day frequency.  An effective liver detox eating routine will go a long way to keep any liver running with maximum efficiency.



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Acute Liver Failure- Its Warning Signs, Treatment, and Repercussions

What to Watch For with Acute Liver Failure

Acute liver failure is broad term for when the liver is unable to perform its tasks.  Also known as hepatic disease, it is a grave condition which the body will not be able to withstand for longer than a very short period of time.  Because the liver rarely gives out major warning sign unless we are really on the lookout for them, acute liver failure can seemingly come out of nowhere.

Some Common Causes of Liver Damage

The liver, being the incredible machine that it is, typically will keep working, albeit inefficiently, to keep us alive even when more than 75% of its tissues are affected by liver sickness.  It is crucial, therefore, that we listen to our body so as to spot the initial signs of liver failure and then with the help of your doctor have a plan of action.

Classic Symptoms of Acute Liver Failure

When acute liver failure does set in, some of the symptoms might be nausea and vomiting, jaundice and soreness in the upper right abdominal area.  This may be accompanied by fatigue and listlessness, but all of these symptoms might not necessarily show themselves.  When liver failure does set in, hepatic encephalopathy may take the person over.  This is a very grave state, because if the liver can’t do its job mental functioning may end.  Hepatic means “of the liver” and encephalopathy means “brain disorder”.

One of the main functions of a healthy liver is to remove toxins from the system.  If they are not properly removed they stay in the blood stream, eventually making their way into the organs and shutting them down.  With hepatic encephalopathy setting in, it means the toxins have moved into the brain, which will affect mental functioning.  This sets off a chain reaction of events, and if the person is not hospitalized it is unlikely they can survive.  This condition is usually brought on when the human liver suffers from cirrhosis or hepatitis.

On Diseases Of The Liver

First Symptoms of Acute Liver Failure

Obviously it’s in our best interests to understand the initial symptoms of hepatic encephalopathy and react as quickly as possible, not only for ourselves but if we see anyone who seems to be exhibiting these symptoms.  A few of the things to be aware of would be short attention span, difficulty with writing and talking, strange behavior patterns and mood swings and changes in character.

If the situation progresses, complete confusion and lack of orientation may come into play, followed by seizures and loss of consciousness may result.  These symptoms might look like excessive drunkenness, but if this is caused by liver issues medical attention must be immediate or it will result in almost certain death.

How acute liver failure is treated will depend on what is causing the liver distress.  Normally the reason for the ailment will not be easy to diagnose, and intensive care is usually required.  If the issue is an adverse reaction to medication or alcohol consumption, actions can be taken to reverse the consequences.  Infections may be able to be cured with medications.  When cirrhosis has taken over, if the situation hasn’t deteriorated too badly getting on a nutritious diet may get the liver back in working order.

If tests for liver damage reveal the liver is severely damaged, artificial liver support may be required to clean the blood.  When all else fails, a liver transplant may be required, but it is very expensive and you will be on a waiting list.  At the present time the short term rate of survival for a liver transplant is over 65%.


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Milk Thistle Side Affects vs. It’s Benefits

Side Affects Milk Thistle Can Have on Your Liver

Although conclusive scientific evidence has not been brought forth on milk thistles benefits, many swear by it.  But any milk thistle side effects have also generated in a great deal of questioning, and that is what we would like to get into here.  The short answer is that tests conducted over the last thirty to forty years haven’t verified conclusively of its benefits, but also conclude no or very minimal side effects.   There is quite a body of evidence which does show health benefits of milk thistle.

milk thistle side effects

The Marbled Leaves Render the Milk

milk thistle side affects

The Milk Thistle Flower

This Is Where Milk Thistle May Help You

Two of the health areas where milk thistle may benefit the liver are alcohol-related issues and as a treatment specifically for jaundice, hepatitis and problems with the gall bladder.  Some studies have shown a great deal of help with alcohol-related problems with the liver as well as industrial toxins, but other studies do not show evidence as strong in its support.

But diabetes seems to be the one area where the evidence that milk thistle is helpful becomes more convincing.  When added to the established diabetes treatments, it has shown to lessen blood sugar levels plus improve cholesterol levels with people with type 2 diabetes.  Any alterations in medications should of course be only after consulting with a physician, but it may be a good idea to ask to okay the use of milk thistle.

The plant is native to areas around the Mediterranean in the Middle East, Africa and Europe.  It gets its name from the foliage, and milk from the milky sap it produces.  The main working ingredient from the plant is silymarin, and that is produced as an extract from the seeds that the plant produces.  For centuries it has been thought to assist in http://liverissues.

The Complete Guide To Cleansing And Detox

The Complete Guide To Cleansing And Detox

Possible Negative Milk Thistle Side Affects

Now for the possible negatives of milk thistle.  As stated earlier, the side effects against the possible benefits are minimal, but should be noted.  Some people may experience nausea and upset stomach, diarrhea, and at times a bloated feeling.  People who experience ragweed allergies should steer clear of the product, and if you are on medications it might also be best to check with your doctor or pharmacist to see if there might be any reaction to the medications you are taking.

But taking the milk thistle side effects into account, for most people there is not going any critical issues.  It is a powerful antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties, and by those attributes alone it is going to be helpful to repair the liver and keep it healthy.  There are many excellent foods in a liver cleansing diet, but this ranks up near the top.

Although analysis doesn’t point indisputably to milk thistle on its own  relieving liver issues like alcohol-related cirrhosis, its antioxidant properties are what we have a need to diminish our risk of liver failure.  Taken into account its comparatively mild or non-existent negative effects, it appears clear that provided you have your doctor’s approval that milk thistle is something you ought to consider.







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Why Should We Detox the Body Naturally

The Importance of a Natural Body Detoxification

There is a lot of hype about the importance of a body detox, and anything that is done naturally seems to be good.  So to detox the body naturally, are we talking hype or can we really do such a thing for our body?  What we mean by a natural body detoxification is this: the body’s natural defense mechanism is to detoxify, or cleanse the body of impurities.  Providing assistance so it can do its job naturally is our goal.

detox the body naturally

Foods to Gently Detox the Body

But of course our world is a much different place now than it was when our defense mechanisms were put in place.  We must now deal with more toxins in what we eat and drink, and also in the air.  A signal that we are  accumulating these toxins is when there is excessive buildup of fat, particularly within the stomach area.  Our article on why we should take on a liver detox diet describes this further.

Why This Need to Detox the Body Naturally?

This fat buildup is just a technique uses to protect our vital organs.  When toxins build up to the point the liver can’t handle them naturally, they are sent into fat storage.  The consequences of this are we gain unwanted weight, but that’s a better alternative than these toxins going near our vital organs.  This natural storage mechanism is one reason why belly fat is so stubborn to deal with.

A healthy balanced diet is going to be a great help in controlling these toxins naturally.  But our environment isn’t getting better, so the battle goes on.  To have a wise plan of attack, first we should know from where these poisons originate.

Some Common Sources of Toxins in Our System

The Detox Diet, Third Edition

The Detox Diet, Third Edition

  • Food additives and preservatives
  • Detergents and fumes adhesives and exhaust
  • Hormones and antibiotics from non-organic food
  • Pesticides and growth hormones from agricultural chemical contaminants

Unfortunately we will never be able to completely rid ourselves of these substances short of living in an airtight bubble, but our system is designed to deal with them, just not in massive quantities.  So by reading labels and watching what we breathe will help our systems immensely.

To Detox the Body Naturally, What Needs to Be Done?

Prior to getting on a true detox the body naturally program, you may need some outside help in the form of a detoxification program.  One option that is quite simple and relaxing is a body wrap, but there are many other detoxification procedures.  Some of these are good, and others can be quite unhealthy, so check them out thoroughly if you decide to go this route.

Consuming a diet of liver cleansing food on a regular basis will be the best thing you can do, and incorporating some of these foods like turmeric into a diet that cleanses the liver will be a basic part of your total plan.  On this website we have quite a few articles, and will be posting quite a few more, on these types of foods that are in fact liver-friendly.

Check out our site for more information on how you can incorporate diet to detox the body naturally, and as a result lose weight, gain energy and  free yourself from the danger of harmful illnesses.


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Fatty Liver Symptoms- Why Early Diagnosis Is Vital

How to Diagnose Symptoms of Fatty Liver

It is vital that we all learn to listen to our body for the indicators of fatty liver symptoms and other issues with the liver.  Some of these are serious weight loss, upper abdominal pain and fatigue, but they can throw us because these are symptoms of other issues as well.  Because the liver rarely sends out signals of distress until the problems are well along, any early indications of trouble should be heeded.  Consult a physician if these fatty liver symptoms persist.

fatty liver symptomsSo why do we get plagued by these issues as we age?  When we’re young, we normally have a strong liver, clear of obstructions and functioning optimally. But even if we maintain a good diet,  as we age fat molecules called triglycerides build up within our liver cells. Almost everyone has it, and as long as it doesn’t take over the liver we will be totally unaware of it.  But because of multiple causes listed below, fatty liver symptoms become an issue as this fat buildup becomes more acute.

Some of the Causes of this Condition

  1. Too much alcohol.  The liver will be able to handle alcohol, as long as it isn’t in large amounts over a long period of time.  Drink only in moderation.
  2. Overweight.  The most common cause of fatty liver symptom, and is often associated with high cholesterol and diabetes.
  3. Rapid loss of weight.  There have been cases where people who have had gastric bypass surgery that have later had symptoms of fatty liver.
  4. Overdoing certain medications.  Ortho-est, amiodarone and tamoxifen are three medications that have a history of triggering fatty liver disease when the doses were excessive.
Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Alters The Three Stages Of Hepatic Drug Management.

Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Alters The Three Stages Of Hepatic Drug Management.

Even though you may be good at listening to any distress signals your body sends you, it is still difficult because of the lack of clear-cut indicators.  Even most tests will not yield positive diagnosis if still in the early stages.  There is a blood test when done in conjunction with a thorough background of a patience history can come pretty close to giving us accurate results.

A scan or ultrasound will pick up liver fat.  A biopsy of the liver will do the same, and these are the real positive ways of diagnosing fatty liver.  This procedure is done by taking a minute sample of the liver using a fine hollow needle that is inserted into the liver.

How to Minimize the Development of Fatty Liver?

When the cause is excessive alcohol consumption, the liver will probably recover in time if the person stops drinking.  For nonalcoholic fatty liver disease there is nothing as specific, other than lifestyle changes.  These involve mostly eating healthy, in particular maintaining a healthy weight, eliminating harmful foods, especially saturated fat, and maintain a proper workout and diet.

On this topic we have an article called unsaturated fats vs. saturated fats that will give you some thoughts on fats you should be consuming in your diet.  Even though fat is similar in caloric content, there is a world of difference in how it will affect your health.

We are learning more about this subject almost daily, but the mainstream medical community keeps their emphasis on treatment rather than proactive prevention.  It is a problem if addressed early can be controlled with minor lifestyle adjustments, but because the symptoms are usually silent they go undetected.  If enough information is made available as to how serious the problem can be, hopefully more people will make the necessary changes that will change their lives.


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Alcoholic Liver Disease- Early Treatment Is the Key

Why Alcoholic Liver Disease Becomes Tough to Diagnose

Alcoholic liver disease is the number one cause of liver condition in Western countries, but the liver has the potential to revitalize itself if the caution signs are heeded and the causes are reversed, even after being much abused and injured.  The condition called fatty liver may develop in a individual who consumes great amounts of alcohol for an extended time period, and the condition may be reversed.

The key is to discover it early enough before far-reaching damage occurs.  But fortunately or unfortunately due to your liver’s resilience, warning signs may not become noticeable until the condition is beyond hope.  As the Mayo Clinic states “Mild forms of alcoholic hepatitis may not cause noticeable problems, but as the disease becomes more advanced and the liver more damaged, signs and symptoms are likely to develop.”

The Three Phases of Alcoholic Liver Disease

Alcohol liver disease could be described as coming in three distinct phases.  The first will be fatty liver condition, and though it may happen to individuals who drink very little, labeled nonalcoholic fatty liver, with this instance it could occur even with a short period of intense consuming.  Basically it’s caused by overwhelming the liver so it will be incapable to properly metabolize the alcohol when it is ingested.  When the liver is allowed to take a break, as we might say, it will likely recuperate and start to mend itself.  Again, because this stage hardly ever comes with indicators, there will be nothing to actually tell you that you’ll be coming to the danger zone.

The Modern Treatment of Diseases of the Liver

The Modern Treatment of Diseases of the Liver

Without giving your liver a break, chances are you’ll drop into stage two of alcoholic liver disease, or alcohol hepatitis.  This may take place with binge drinking, however more normally transpires over a period of time and is marked by inflammation of the liver tissues.  The condition is usually reversible, but could require a number of months or years to keep completely absent from alcohol.  Symptoms that may be present are loss of hunger, yellowing skin, stomach inflammation, tiredness, plus unsettled stomach and vomiting.

The Last Stage of Alcoholic Liver Disease: Cirrhosis

Which brings us to the last stage of alcohol liver affliction, and that’s cirrhosis.  When the liver tissues are inflamed over an extended time period, scarring can occur, and sometimes can render the liver unable to function when a sizable portion of your organ gets damaged.  It is thought that roughly 10-20% of all extreme drinkers are going to develop cirrhosis of the liver, and that condition will not be reversible.

The organ can not do its function of detoxification of chemicals in your body. Really the only choice is to stop drinking entirely and hope that there is going to be enough liver to operate sufficiently to keep you living, or else a liver transplant.  There is a long waiting list at almost all hospitals for livers suitable for transplant. Furthermore one of the criteria for get on the list would be to be entirely devoid of alcohol for a minimum of six months.  Among the symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver will be fatigue and weakness, losing appetite along with losing weight, soreness in the liver area, the skin becomes easily black-and-blue, in addition to fluid build-up with the legs and ankles.

Alcohol is one among the foremost factors for liver failure causes, and everyone that drinks exceeding in moderation needs to be conscious with the risks and danger indicators.  Keeping a functioning liver, which carries out numerous duties, requires giving it every chance possible to perform its job without additional hindrance.



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Liver Cleansing Diet- These 3 Foods Your Liver Will Love

Include these Foods in a Liver Cleansing Diet

A liver cleansing diet should never be one that starves the body.  If it does, we recommend you stay away from it.  In order for the human body to recoup and properly heal itself, it needs the appropriate nutrients as the building blocks to bring it back in a healthy way.  Finding the proper liver cleansing diet can reverse many of the issues you may be suffering from, like fatigue, abdominal bloating, obesity, an overburdened immune system, allergies and gall bladder issues to name a few.  But it can only be done with proper nutrition.

Liver cleaning foods

Lentil Soup

Foods Important to the this Cleansing Diet

To maintain liver health, there are several foods that should be part of your diet.  Foods rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins, minerals will help keep the liver clear of unwanted waste that slow its efficiency.  Some of the other foods that fit in this category are olives, nuts and legumes, green vegetables, and tomatoes.  There are three additional foods that perhaps have gone less publicized and may not be commonly thought of as food that cleanse your liver, but are especially beneficial to the liver.

Liver Health: A Natural Approach

Liver Health: A Natural Approach

  1. Garlic.  A staple in a Mediterannean diet has been used for culinary and medicinal purposes for centuries.  China presently accounts for around 77% of the world’s production, although it is grown around the world.  Its ability to break down fatty deposits in the body due to its phytochemicals probably constitutes its greatest health benefit, but it also has antiviral and antibacterial properties.  This will help the liver by protecting it from viruses, bacteria and fungi.  If you’re worried about producing halitosis, try using a combination of plain water, basil and mushrooms to control the odor.
  2. Onions.There are many varieties, but to get the most nutrition from this family of wonderful foods try using as many as you can.  Since they are related to garlic, they will give us many of the same antiviral and antibacterial benefits.  For antioxidant activity, shallots will top the list, followed by Western Yellow, New York Bold and Northern Red.
  3. Turmeric.  This great spice from the ginger family grows predominantly in the hot, wet tropical areas of Southeast Asia.  After it has been boiled and dried, it’s ground into an orange-yellow powder.  Mostly used in curries and other dishes, because of its health qualities we should use it every chance we get.Its beta carotene protects the liver from free radical damage, and it can also assist in metabolizing fats.  Its wonderful health properties have been known it this part of the world for centuries, and western diets are now starting to elsewhere.  One other area doctors are advising its use for are bile obstruction and gallstones.

A good liver cleansing diet done on a day-to-day basis is important for the health maintenance of the liver.  Occasionally a liver detoxification might be necessary for a more radical boost t clean the liver, but be sure to proceed with caution, as they will stress the system.


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