Bikram Yoga and Weight Loss- Here Is Why You Should Be Part of It

Bikram Yoga and Weight Loss

Yoga has always been a way to gain flexibility and strength, and when it comes to Bikram Yoga and weight loss, it is certainly another reason to get into this form of exercise.  A session of Bikram Yoga can burn between 500 and 1250 calories in a one and a half hour session, depending on how much you are able to put into the routines.  I can vouch on a personal basis that this is by far not the easiest exercise routines you will do, but if you stick with it you will definitely see the benefits in these  aerobic workouts in addition to other factors.  Other benefits are psychological well-being, as like with most yoga you detach from everything and focus on breathing.

Are you interested in aging in a healthy way, keeping up you youthful vigor?  Who doesn’t?  Click here to find out some of the things seniors are doing to stay youthful and vigorous.  Food is very important as well, and these exercises will be sure to keep you young and fit, providing you can keep up with them.

Bikram Yoga and Weight Loss

One of the Best Body Stretches You Can Do

Of What Does Bikram Yoga and Weight Loss Consist

Yoga Without Attitude: Just Exercises for Good Health

Yoga Without Attitude: Just Exercises for Good Health

The classes are comprised of ninety minute sessions, with 26 Hatha Yoga postures between two inhaling and exhaling workouts.  The thing that makes Bikram Yoga especially difficult, and in some circles controversial, is the heat.  The sessions are conducted in a room that is heated to 105 degrees F. with extremely high humidity.  In other words, you sweat a lot.  Some therapists believe this excessive heat increases the risk of overstretching muscles and causing cartilage damage.  But with any exercise, especially if it is quite intense, there is always a risk.  And the supervisors never ask you to do anything that is painful, but tell you to stay within your limits.

A second main characteristic of the exercises is the emphasis on breathing.  That part of the process is emphasized throughout.  The sequence of postures is designed to work all areas of the body, with each pose setting you up for the next one.  Promoting blood circulation is another key to everything you do, as the poses will promote the flow of clean blood to the muscles, joints and organs.  This is done by a process of extension and compression which encourages rushes of blood to move into each area.

Promoting Blood Circulation Is the Key to Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga and Weight Loss

The Poses of Bikram Yoga

To elaborate, when a specific pose is done, a certain area of the body is stretched or compressed.  The blood supply will be briefly cut, and then when released there will be a supplementary flow of blood, which is called extension.  This process will flush the system of toxins and infection, and the heat and humidity will accelerate the process.  This will have the effect to detox the body naturally, which will also aid the liver.

As with yoga of all kinds, this is a mental experience as well as physical.  It is done in a group situation, and at times it can get a bit tight space wise, but there is a sense of quite togetherness.  There are people of all age groups, including seniors, and although I have heard that some places seemed to take on a competitive aspect, I saw none of that.  In fact, some of the veterans offered a lot of encouragement after class.

What I have taken from the class have been greater flexibility and better balance.  When I started I had no balance at all, but was encouraged to go in small steps, and within a few sessions I improved.  And once there is small improvement, it does get easier, although I’ll never reach the level of balance and flexibility of some.  The other factor is to get past the heat and humidity, as it does take a toll.  But if you can get through the first ten sessions you should be okay (but probably not comfortable).

You will feel better, though, and will drink more water.  Your sleep will be improved, and you probably won’t have the same food cravings you had before.  I think it is safe to say that if you give it a chance, you will feel more vibrant inside.


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