Benign Liver Tumor- The Liver Hemangioma Pain

The Benign Liver Tumor, or Liver Hemangioma

There is a benign liver tumor, which is non-cancerous, that affects about 7% of all healthy individuals called liver hemangioma.  It poses no serious health risk or chance of death unless it becomes huge.  It is thought that women are six times for this liver tumor as men.

Normally they are only found in the course of investigating another issue, as they are usually quite small and give no signs or symptoms.  They may get to ten cm in diameter, but typically are one-half cm.  Medical imaging such as ultrasound or computerized tomography (CT) are normal ways they are found.

The Largest of the Benign Liver Tumor Have Indicators

However, when they do get large enough to place stress on other organs they can begin to cause problems.  Two of the indicators may be nausea or the feeling of fullness, even after little intake of food.  If they become very large there is a danger that they burst, and this is a major issue.  Punctured hematomas will cause internal bleeding, extreme pain and even a danger of fatality.

benign liver tumor

How Benign Liver Tumors Show Up in the Liver

The medical profession as of yet hasn’t arrived at a consensus why these liver hemangiomas develop.  Most doctors now believe they are probably genetically linked.  These tumors aren’t connected with any liver conditions like cirrhosis, liver hemangioma, or any of the indicators of liver cancer.

The Greatest Risk for Benign Liver Tumor Are Middle-aged Women

It is thought that the hormone estrogen may have something to do with the development of these tumors, as there seems to be a greater number of cases with women who take substitute drugs to treat menopause.  Females between the ages of 30 and 50 seem also to have the greatest risk; therefore the evidence that estrogen probably plays a part.  This, however, hasn’t been scientifically proven.  Estrogen, of course, is found in greater concentrations in women as compared to men, although it is present in males.

Clinical Dilemmas in Primary Liver Cancer

Clinical Dilemmas in Primary Liver Cancer

As for threats to the health of women, as stated before as long as there are no immediate issues nothing usually will be done.  But when it could cause a threat to giving birth, surgery may be required, but obviously that isn’t the preferred alternative during a pregnancy.  Much of the decision will be determined by the individual case.

These may be: can the hemangioma be easily separated from the liver?  How critical is the situation, or can it be postponed or treated by other procedures?  There is a procedure where blood flow is stopped by tying off or injecting medication into an artery feeding the area.  Without this blood supply, the mass may cease to grow or shrink.

Like different possible threats like herpes simplex or restricted blood circulation, it’s something the doctor will  keep close track of, but shouldn’t be a reason why a woman must avoid having kids.  Similarly, the possibility of the condition developing should not stop a woman from using birth-control pills or hormone replacement therapy for menopause.  Similar to pregnancy, it is most important to be mindful of the benign liver tumor issue.


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