Benefits of Honey- The Sweet Food That’s Sweeter on You Health

The Many Health Benefits of Honey

It truly gets amazing that if you examine the health advantages of many types of foods, some of them are truly wonderful to the taste.  Honey is one of them, and fortunately there are many health benefits of honey that add to this remarkable ancient favorite.  We’d  consider many of them food indulgences if we didn’t understand their health advantages.  For instance,  dark chocolate is a food that if consumed in moderation this favorite moderately, it has enormous health advantages.  So it will be with honey.

The Benefits of Honey Start With Antiseptic Qualities

1.    Antiseptic qualities.  Going back towards the days of ancient Egypt honey was utilized as a natural home remedy to inhibit an infection with external wounds.  Operating as an anti-inflammatory agent, it’s long been used to lessen swelling and pain, along with scarring.

2.    Helping your immune system.  Their powerful antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties are recognized to boost digestion as well as fight diseases.  Evidence now implies that their antioxidant properties may not only decrease the risk of some forms of cancer, stroke and heart problems, but also could slow down the aging process.  This will be achieved by reversing cellular harm caused by free radicals, and the antioxidants within honey are going to battle those troubles.  Remember, these antioxidants are never there in regular table sugar.

3.    Natural energy booster.  The glucose in honey gets absorbed swiftly into the body to give a direct energy increase, and the fructose will be absorbed slower providing you with greater sustained energy.  But what benefits of honey does it have over regular sugar?  While honey contains higher caloric content per teaspoon as opposed to table sugar, you need to use a lot less honey for the same sweetening effect.  Moreover, honey has a lesser negative impact to the blood-glucose level because of its molecular structure.  Therefore the sugars in honey move into the blood much more steadily, making for a better digestion.

The Health Benefits of Honey Will Depend on Where It’s Harvested

Honey, How And When To Use It...

Honey, How And When To Use It…

Much of the benefits of honey can be highly inconsistent, according to their floral source.  Because it comes from flower nectar, clearly the color along with flavor from the honey is going to depend upon where the bees buzz.  The honey that is known to have more antioxidant compounds than most will be buckwheat honey, made in Wisconsin and Minnesota, and also Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio.  You will think it full-bodied and dark, and will be one particular type of honey to look for.

But there are in excess of 300 unique types of honey available within the United States, depending with the different floral source.  Generally, dark colored honey is going to be more powerful in taste, light colored being milder.  Using honey in combination with other healthy products, giving it a sweetening result, will be one more way to utilize this beneficial food.

Some illustrations of what could be shared with honey for health reasons:
1.    Vinegar.  This is often a home cure for a body detox and treatment a for arthritis.
2.    Cinnamon.  Recognized as a cure for bad breath.
3.    Lemon.  Many individuals use this to keep weight in check.
4.    Milk.  Improves digestion.

The variety of ways that honey might be incorporated with a is endless because of its naturally sweet character.  As with most foods that are wonderful for our good health, they really are only wonderful in moderation.  Their calorie content makes them something we should be vigilant with.

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