Benefits of Cranberries for the Liver

The Ways Cranberries Can Care for the Liver

Cranberries, a North American fruit harvested in the fall of the year, have traditionally been a food served during the Christmas and Thanksgiving holiday seasons.  But there are good causes for incorporating them into the diet on a steady basis all year.  Here we will point out 4 ways how the benefits of cranberries will help the liver particularly, and then give three cautions when they may be an issue health-wise.  People have acknowledged for years that drinking cranberry juice is a natural remedy for infections of the urinary tract, but there are other good reasons as well.

Here Are Four Ways the Benefits of Cranberries Help Keep the Liver Fit

1.    Toxic drug removal.  One of the most important duties the liver performs relates to the removal of toxic drugs and metals from the body.  Cranberries are very high in proanthocyanidins, which will be especially potent antioxidants that attach to such toxins, helping with their removal by the liver.  Red wine, because of the grapes is also an important to our health source for these antioxidants.

2.    Vitamin C.  Being exceedingly high in this essential vitamin, cranberries have the capability to thin and decongest bile.  This is very important for assisting your liver in metabolizing fats with greater efficiency, which can be particularly significant in reducing weight.  Furthermore, for all those afflicted with fatty liver problems, this takes on even more significance.

3.    DetoxificationGlutathione is the most crucial and integral part of your detoxing system. All of the toxins stick onto glutathione, which subsequently transports them to the bile and the stool — and out of your system.  Your body makes glutathione, and quite some time ago human beings produced enough to handle all the toxins that had been thrown at the body; but not anymore.  Poor diet, medications, toxins and pollutants, trauma, stress and growing old all have an effect on depleting what your body will manufacture, which makes it necessary that our body has enough for proper detoxification.  Vitamin C foods, of which cranberries are an important source, enhance the production of glutathione.

4.    Defense from free radicals.  Types of foods that are plentiful with antioxidants help your liver neutralizing cell-damaging compounds called free radicals.  Cranberries are one of the types of foods which are loaded with antioxidants.

It is evident that cranberries present extraordinary benefits to the liver, and the body in general.  But as with every miracle food, there can be some factors to be wary of.  Due to their naturally tart flavor, many recipes include quite a lot of sugar to make it more pleasant.  Adding sugar can undo the benefits which cranberries offer, especially for those fighting overweight or blood sugar issues.  I drink unsweetened cranberry juice as a part of my mix of the healthy juices I drink, and I can say it isn’t enjoyable to swallow.  But it is much better to add water rather than sugar for making it more drinkable.

Another key concern that many people might have with cranberries is those that are vulnerable to kidney stone issues.  Cranberries will be prominent in oxalates, which are associated with calcium stones, the commonest type of kidney stones.  There are several foods which have high levels of oxalates, such as nuts and chocolate, consequently if you have issues with calcium kidney stones you need to be conscious of your consumption of these types of foods.  That said, there is still a compelling case for the health benefits for the liver that cranberries offer.



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