Alcoholic Liver Disease- Early Treatment Is the Key

Why Alcoholic Liver Disease Becomes Tough to Diagnose

Alcoholic liver disease is the number one cause of liver condition in Western countries, but the liver has the potential to revitalize itself if the caution signs are heeded and the causes are reversed, even after being much abused and injured.  The condition called fatty liver may develop in a individual who consumes great amounts of alcohol for an extended time period, and the condition may be reversed.

The key is to discover it early enough before far-reaching damage occurs.  But fortunately or unfortunately due to your liver’s resilience, warning signs may not become noticeable until the condition is beyond hope.  As the Mayo Clinic states “Mild forms of alcoholic hepatitis may not cause noticeable problems, but as the disease becomes more advanced and the liver more damaged, signs and symptoms are likely to develop.”

The Three Phases of Alcoholic Liver Disease

Alcohol liver disease could be described as coming in three distinct phases.  The first will be fatty liver condition, and though it may happen to individuals who drink very little, labeled nonalcoholic fatty liver, with this instance it could occur even with a short period of intense consuming.  Basically it’s caused by overwhelming the liver so it will be incapable to properly metabolize the alcohol when it is ingested.  When the liver is allowed to take a break, as we might say, it will likely recuperate and start to mend itself.  Again, because this stage hardly ever comes with indicators, there will be nothing to actually tell you that you’ll be coming to the danger zone.

The Modern Treatment of Diseases of the Liver

The Modern Treatment of Diseases of the Liver

Without giving your liver a break, chances are you’ll drop into stage two of alcoholic liver disease, or alcohol hepatitis.  This may take place with binge drinking, however more normally transpires over a period of time and is marked by inflammation of the liver tissues.  The condition is usually reversible, but could require a number of months or years to keep completely absent from alcohol.  Symptoms that may be present are loss of hunger, yellowing skin, stomach inflammation, tiredness, plus unsettled stomach and vomiting.

The Last Stage of Alcoholic Liver Disease: Cirrhosis

Which brings us to the last stage of alcohol liver affliction, and that’s cirrhosis.  When the liver tissues are inflamed over an extended time period, scarring can occur, and sometimes can render the liver unable to function when a sizable portion of your organ gets damaged.  It is thought that roughly 10-20% of all extreme drinkers are going to develop cirrhosis of the liver, and that condition will not be reversible.

The organ can not do its function of detoxification of chemicals in your body. Really the only choice is to stop drinking entirely and hope that there is going to be enough liver to operate sufficiently to keep you living, or else a liver transplant.  There is a long waiting list at almost all hospitals for livers suitable for transplant. Furthermore one of the criteria for get on the list would be to be entirely devoid of alcohol for a minimum of six months.  Among the symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver will be fatigue and weakness, losing appetite along with losing weight, soreness in the liver area, the skin becomes easily black-and-blue, in addition to fluid build-up with the legs and ankles.

Alcohol is one among the foremost factors for liver failure causes, and everyone that drinks exceeding in moderation needs to be conscious with the risks and danger indicators.  Keeping a functioning liver, which carries out numerous duties, requires giving it every chance possible to perform its job without additional hindrance.



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