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Health issues are a very important topic for me.  Living a healthy lifestyle is so important in not only living a longer life, but aging with a high quality of life.  And in all of the discussion of health, two things come to mind: the wonderful benefits of living healthy can be rather easily accomplished by knowing what to do and having the discipline to do it, and one size does not fit all.  By that I mean what might do miracles for some people may not have any positive affect on someone else.  For instance, it is well known that smoking will adversely affect almost everyone.  But there are a few people who have smoked for ninety years with any noticeable health issues.  I find this all fascinating, and I love to explore why.

I am not a medical doctor, and my target audience is not people in the medical profession.  But I love to read and research matters on health, and my goal is to break down this information and pass it along in language that is understandable to the average person who is not “in the field”; someone like myself.  Often when I read information from experts in the field, they have a vast amount of information to share, but they talk at a level that is way over the head of people that are not.  By verifying their ideas through multiple sources, I try to put together articles that can be understood by the layman.

On this website we target issues that are related to the liver, and issues related to the liver, such as the kidneys, gall bladder, and blood pressure issues often caused by liver problems.  I think the liver is highly underrated as to the importance to our overall health.  Considering it performs over 500 different functions, and some that you could not live more than a few hours if they were not performed, the liver is an organ that is not only vital to our health, but to weight control, mood swings, sleep, and so many ordinary issues that make for a better way of living.

I am on the email list of many organizations that send out information on the liver.  From that information I do further research to formulate positions on what we must do to keep a healthy liver, again on layman’s terms.  Which brings us to our final thought:  if you like what you see on our website, feel free to sign up for our newsletter for information not normally on our site.  We would like to communicate to you through these emails, but promise to never send out anything that would be considered spam; only information and ideas that we hope will help you live a long and healthy life.

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