Keeping a Healthy Liver for Overall Health

Our hardworking liver is one of the key organs we must keep running as close to optimum as possible to maintain overall health.  Our liver performs over 500 different functions, and some of those are vital on an everyday basis.  Many people think that alcohol abuse is all we have to concern ourselves with, and although that is the number one cause of liver disease in the western world, there are many other factors that must be taken into account.  On this website we have numerous articles relating to how we can maintain a healthy liver.  It’s about understanding what a healthy liver does for the human body, the long-term effects that an unhealthy liver can cause, and what we can do for optimum liver health.

Here are ways Our Liver can Affect Disease Prevention

A healthy liver

An Unhealthy Liver

healthy liver

A Healthy Liver

  • Processing digested food from the intestine.
  • Produce clotting factors which will aid the body to heal and repair.
  • Controls the level of fats, sugar and amino acids in the body which is so important in weight control.
  • Produces substances to help fight infection.
  • The main organ that eliminates toxins from our blood and therefore our bodies.

Obviously the liver can make or break us health-wise.  It is always best to do preventive maintenance on the body’s system before it begins to break down.  Similarly to our car, it is much less costly and more trouble-free if we maintain it with a regular schedule of maintenance rather than react when red lights start flashing.  Especially with the liver, our health could be very bad before red lights start flashing warning us of trouble.  And the following is why…

Some of the Warning Signs to an Unhealthy Liver

The problem with the liver is that it doesn’t tell us it is in trouble until it is in dire straits.  It is an extremely tough, resilient workhorse that usually doesn’t complain until it is on the verge of collapse.  The best way to really know what shape our liver is in will be through blood tests.  If it is found that liver enzymes are elevated, it can give a clue as to the causes of the inflammation and what type of liver issue is present.  But in many cases abnormal blood tests can be found in people who have no signs or symptoms at all.

Common causes of this inflammation could normally be from high cholesterol levels which bring about a condition known as fatty liver, an ailment afflicting a large percentage of the population.  Cholesterol levels build up to the point these deposits cause structural damage in the liver.  This in turn can be caused by the effects of alcohol, poor diet, viral hepatitis, obesity and environmental toxins that can overtax the liver.

The Best Ways to Maintain Liver Health Starts with Diet

By far the best way to maintain liver health is to maintain a healthy diet, and on this site we will talk in depth about various foods that will assist a healthy liver.  There are other ways, such as detoxification, that will give the liver a good flushing, but these techniques aren’t to be taken lightly.  I know from personal experience that they can provide a great deal of benefit.  Below are some observations that may help if you are considering detoxing if you decide to go that route:

  1. Follow the directions.  The body will be put under a great deal of stress, so give it ample opportunity to recover.   I did it over a long weekend, and didn’t feel great when the toxins were being purged.  Schedule it during your down-time.
  2. Be sure you’re healthy when you start.  If you are already fighting health issues, your body might not be ready to take on detoxing.
  3. You will be well-rewarded.  In my case I had greater energy levels, my general health, including almost eliminating nagging colds, was greatly improved.  For me this lasted about two to three years.

I really do believe in the detoxification process, but it is not to be taken lightly.  However, a detox diet should be standard procedure for everyone.  As the Mayo Clinic states, “Without your liver, you couldn’t digest food and absorb nutrients, get rid of toxic substances from your body or stay alive.” On these pages we will provide information for you to make the best choices on how to maintain a healthy liver.




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